Bigin: The simple
yet powerful CRM

Bigin is a CRM tailor-made for small businesses and start-ups. With features aimed at streamlining every aspect of your business and resolving even the tiniest of hiccups that can arise on a daily basis, Bigin will revolutionize the way you run your business.

Comprehensive contact modules, detailed pipeline views, built-in telephone and email systems, a versatile form builder, and plethora of other features await you! What more do you need? Well, you need just 30 minutes to set up your Bigin account. It's easy to set up and easier to use. Bigin is the ideal CRM for a small business with a small budget.

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Major limitations of Act! CRM

No built-in phone system

Act! CRM doesn't feature its own phone functionality. With Bigin's built-in telephony, you can make, receive, and record phone calls without leaving your CRM. It maintains a comprehensive call history, along with the notes you've taken down during the conversation.

Limited automation

Basic automation functions like workflows are only available in Act! CRM's paid plans, which will cost you upwards of $59.25 per month. Bigin, on the other hand, provides all of its users with the ability to automate repetitive tasks.

Difficult to navigate

Understanding your CRM shouldn't be a tedious task in itself. Bigin is a user-friendly software tool with easy-to-understand and easier-to-use features.

Paid support plans

If you run into any hurdles while using Bigin, don't worry; we've got your back. Our dedicated support team provides support via phone, email, and in-app chat. Additionally, our comprehensive knowledge base and detailed community posts are there to guide you through any trouble.

No free edition

Act! CRM has a free 14-day trial, which isn't enough time to fully explore the software. On the other hand, Bigin's free edition is free FOREVER. When your business grows, you can upgrade to our affordable Express and Premier plans.

Lackluster pipeline management

Act! CRM's pipeline view is restricted to the sales process. Bigin offers a wide range of pipeline templates for different teams and industry types. Our customizable pipelines prominently display all important data and allow you to track each deal seamlessly.

Reliance on third-party integrations for basic features

To access basic features in Act! CRM, you'd have to turn to third-party integrations, whereas essential features like a versatile form builder and foolproof email system are native functionalities in Bigin.

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Here's a list of features that Bigin offers for your business:

Multiple pipelines
  • Multiple pipelines
  • Workflow automation
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Built-in telephony
  • Integration with third-party apps
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Mobile app for iOS & Android

ACT! CRM vs. Bigin

  • Features
  • Act! CRM US$ 30 /user/month/
    billed yearly
  • Bigin Free US$ 0 /user/month/
    billed yearly
  • Bigin Express US$ 7 /user/month/
    billed yearly
  • Bigin Premier US$ 12 /user/month/
    billed yearly
  • Features
  • Full-fledged Pipeline Management
  • Connected Records (When a record reaches the desired stage in one team pipeline, you can create a record automatically in another team pipeline that captures the next set of business activities.)
  • Contact &
    Deal management
  • Email Integration
  • Email Templates and Insights
  • Free Gmail add-on
  • Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 integration
  • Built-in Telephony
  • Telephony Marketplace
  • Free Invoicing
  • Built-in Forms
  • Workflow Automation
  • Activity Management (Calls, Events, Tasks)
  • Customization (Fields, Tags, Views, Filters)
  • Built-in Dashboards
  • Customizable User Profiles & Roles
  • Stage Transition Rules
  • Multi-currency
  • Developer tools
  • App Marketplace
  • Mobile apps (iOS, Android, iPadOS)
  • macOS app
  • Act! CRM US$30 /user/month/
    billed yearly
  • Bigin Free US$0 /user/month/
    billed yearly
  • 5000 credits/day/org
  • Bigin Express US$ 7 /user/month/
    billed yearly
  • (Additional 10 custom dashboards)
  • One to 50,000 credits + (No of user licenses * 250)
  • Bigin Premier US$ 12 /user/month/
    billed yearly
  • (Additional 10 custom dashboards)
  • One to 50,000 credits + (No of user licenses * 250)

All you need to take your business to the next level

Bigin is the right choice for your small business and is trusted by over 20,000 small businesses globally. We want to help you scale up your business and achieve constant growth. And in the future, if your business needs become more than what Bigin can offer, you can always switch to Zoho CRM or Zoho CRM Plus. We're here to help you at every milestone your business reaches.

Trusted by 20,000+ small businesses globally

As a small business with a big vision, having access to accurate and relevant data about customers and prospects is critical! Bigin and their onboarding team assisted us on our journey. The one-on-one onboarding sessions, easy-to-use platform and mobile application have been well received by our team - although we are early into using Bigin we are already experiencing the benefits!

Zoho Bigin was easy for us to use from the very start. Within a couple of weeks all users were able to use most features and benefit from them. Quick training and implementation from the Zoho Bigin support team was helpful. Users was immediately able to see the benefit to themselves, to their teams, and to the company as a whole. All this is the value we derive from this very comprehensive, easy, and intuitive application that we use on a daily basis.

I was looking for a simple Sales Oriented CRM and was going through and signing up for the top 5. Each one had way more features then I needed and I wanted something that had an app, wouldn't drain my time learning how to use, and just did what I needed to do and didn't cost an arm and a leg per user. Then I came across Bigin, not sure how, but it was exactly what I was looking for. Only started with it about 3 weeks ago, but I'm a very happy camper

The Bigin team at Zoho has brilliantly solved the software adoption dilemma faced by sales organizations today. Now, with the ability to customize pipeline views, stages, module names, and fields, the moment one of our salespeople starts using the app, it simply works, and they love using it. It requires virtually zero training. In today's environment, the importance of simplicity, focus, and ease of use cannot be overstated, and the team at Bigin has just delivered a world-class tool.

Love the new features. It helps make the entire CRM system more personal and germane to our workflow. The searches seem to be more pointed and concise. Bigin has the capabilities and customization for my growing business and no bloat to clutter my process. Overall, Bigin was the perfect option for what I need.

Joel Gustafson,Chief Operating Officer, Car Trade Go Inc
Chirag Selarka,Head of Business Development, Simplifie
Nachum Klingman, CEO, Book Like A Boss Ltd
Seth Campbell,President, Five Doors Inc
Derek Osborne,CEO,Osborne Real Estate and Business Brokerage
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