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Salesforce is one of the popular CRMs businesses use today, yet it's a headache when you need to bring aboard more users.

Let's face it: There are people in your organization like inbound sales teams, sales managers, admins, and executives—who rely completely on your CRM. But then there are others like your outbound/field sales reps, marketers, consultants, and account managers who only need access to your CRM from time to time.

CRMs contain crucial data on your customers, sales, and products, which means they've become important for even more people in your organization than ever. Though most of these users won't need your CRM all the time, it definitely matters when they do.

It hurts to pay the
full price for more user licenses when you know you're not getting the full value of your money.

We get it—and we have a solution.

How Bigin works with Salesforce

Bigin by Zoho CRM is built and priced just for small businesses and also doubles as a CRM for self-sustaining
teams and departments within a larger organization.

The idea is simple: While your core lead management and sales are taken care of in your Salesforce account, the simpler and more linear tasks can be handled in Bigin by your field sales reps, account management teams, and the like. The users in Bigin are typically light CRM users, meaning they won't set up complex workflows or make significant changes to existing data. All they'd need is a simple tool to move your deals towards the next stage and update basic information one step at a time.

By reserving Salesforce just for your core CRM operations and Bigin for your light users, your core users will have access to all CRM information, while your light users will have access to just the information they need. This way, all the data you have is clear, leaving no room for confusion.

In fact, your light users get a much clearer tool that keeps things simple and improves productivity without an overwhelming amount of data popping up constantly.

You'll get all this without buying more Salesforce user licenses than you need.

Who in your organization
needs Bigin?

As customer data is increasingly essential for every team in your organization, you'll probably find
users in most departments who need some level of access to your CRM.

Below are some teams that don't need full access to your Salesforce account and can
easily carry out tasks with Bigin instead.

Marketing and account management teams

Different sub-teams in marketing, PR, business development, or account management may not require full access to your organization's CRM, but could definitely benefit from a pipeline-centric tool to help them carry out their own workload. Bigin provides that.

Product, engineering, and technical teams

Sometimes, a technical eye is exactly what's necessary to solve a customer problem. It's also good for the people making your product to keep an eye on how it's received, and the best way to do that is to review feedback with light access to CRM. There's no better way to save time, energy, and money than giving them that access through Bigin.

Customer support

Support reps require proper context before diving in to help a customer. They frequently need access to customers' contact information, purchase records, and deals, as these are likely to be relevant to the ticket—and they can access all of that information through Bigin.

Order management

Warehouse personnel, retailers, buyers, and procurement teams who routinely update your organization's inventory will only need to access the inventory sections of your Salesforce account, and therefore don't need full access. Bigin is a great alternative for these roles.

Legal department

Instead of full Salesforce access, legal staff who need to review paperwork and deals can manage perfectly well with Bigin, which works with your Salesforce account.

Look at how much you
save with Bigin

Professional user licenses in Salesforce start at


per user per month
billed annually

With Bigin—the most affordable CRM in the world—you can easily get started with as low as


per user per month
billed annually

Don't forget Salesforce's implementation costs!
The $50,000 average implementation invoice is no joke.

Your Salesforce implementation partner can charge you anywhere between $20 to $190 per hour. Considering implementation efforts typically exceed 100 hours, you're looking at implementation costs ranging from $5,000 to well past $80,000 depending on your requirements.

With Bigin however, there is no implementation cost.

How to integrate Bigin with your
Salesforce account

Like millions of apps out there, you can simply use Zapier to integrate Bigin with Salesforce and specify all the rules for it. Alternatively, you can even use our developer APIs to connect to your Salesforce account.

Highly rated by customers and critics

"Bigin is an innovative SMB-focused approach to CRM that should satisfy the requirements of even the smallest businesses while providing a cohesive pipeline-based layout and workflow. Bigin's fresh and intuitive user interface is a delight to use, and its pricing along with its easy upgrade path to the rest of the Zoho ecosystem make it an exceptional value."

"While searching for the correct CRM solution, many small business owners must sacrifice functionality for cost savings as many CRM solutions will lock essential features behind additional subscription costs. Recently, Zoho unveiled a new CRM solution that brings essential CRM functionalities to small businesses at an extremely affordable cost."

Brent Leary
CRM Industry Analyst and
Small Business Advisor

"Many SMBs rely heavily on spreadsheets to run their business. And, while spreadsheets are great for managing numbers, they aren't great at managing relationships with customers. Which is why using a service like Bigin—built specifically to help very small businesses find, catch and keep customers—can improve the likelihood of creating great customer relationships."

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