View customer information from Bigin inside Gmail

Bring the comprehensive customer data available in Bigin to your Gmail account and make sure you are equipped with all the necessary context before initiating or resuming your communication with a customer.

Bigin add-on panel appears when opened in Gmail

Add new contacts with a single click

Did you receive an order from a new customer or did an existing customer reach out to you from a different email address? Whatever the hiccup, Bigin is here to assist you. You can effortlessly create a new Bigin contact from Gmail. Updating existing contacts is just as easy!

Creation of a new record in Bigin from Gmail window

Stay on top of your game at all times - Access your emails on the go

Both Bigin and the Bigin add-on for Gmail are optimized for mobile devices allowing you to run your business from anywhere at anytime.

Bigin add-on in the Gmail iOS app

Send and receive emails from Bigin

Send out custom or template emails and track the entire history of an email thread with your contact from Bigin.

Unified sales and accounting processes with the books integration for Bigin.

Get detailed insights with email analytics

Track how your emails perform with Bigin's Dashboards. Bigin measures important metrics like the number of emails sent, opened, and clicked. It also quantifies how they stack up against the number of users in your organization.

detailed insights analytics

What else can Bigin do? A lot more!


Pipeline management

Pipelines divide your customer-facing operations into easily-navigable stages containing all the information needed for tracking your customers and prospects.


Multi-channel communication

With the Built-in telephony and Messages module, you can make calls and have chat with your customers without leaving Bigin.


Workflow automation

Automate routine tasks using Bigin's intelligent workflows. You can set up actions that are executed automatically when a trigger satisfies a specified condition.


Form builder

From customer signups to requesting feedback, Bigin helps you build and share forms to collect an assortment of data from prospective and existing customers.


Beneficial integrations

Handle multiple aspects of your business, from running marketing campaigns to resolving customer complaints, all from within Bigin.


Detailed analytics

Stay on top of your performance and progress, get an in-depth analysis of your growth based on KPIs, and keep track of all events, calls, and emails.


Developer APIs

Set up APIs to facilitate data transfer to and from Bigin, get notifications, and integrate with other third-party apps.

Why Bigin is the go-to CRM
for small businesses

Built specifically for
small businesses

Bigin is easy to use, has all the essential features for small businesses, and is priced at a pocket-friendly $7 per month per user.

Set up your CRM in under 30 minutes

Simple and intuitive, you can easily set up Bigin and start selling in
under 30 minutes.

Fully mobile

The Bigin apps for iOS and Android have been built for sales reps to close more deals, even when they're away
from their desks.

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