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Why do agencies need a CRM?

In today's fast-paced yet competitive landscape, agencies strive to keep up with new trends and launch projects that make headlines. Keeping up and managing client relationships at the same time isn't easy. Like any other organization, agencies need a CRM platform to function more efficiently. Agencies work with multiple clients, partners, and third parties, storing and managing all of that data in a spreadsheet can become a hassle over time. We want every agency to thrive and put an end to the countless recurring problems they face.

Why Bigin?

Bigin is a smart and cost-effective CRM built for agencies that focuses on increasing productivity levels. Its user-friendly features are specially built to make work smooth and error-free, so you can manage your teams and your day-to-day activities effortlessly—and even integrate it with other powerful tools. From automating daily tasks to providing clutter-free data storage, Bigin has you covered.

Now let's dive deep into some of the features in Bigin that will help boost your agency's growth and productivity.

How Bigin can help you:

  • View and save your projects without clutter.
  • Send mass emails to multiple clients and companies.
  • Add tags to categorize projects.
  • Make calls from within Bigin.
  • Automate time-consuming tasks.
  • Analyze your business with charts and KPIs.
  • Access all of your information from your phone via Bigin's mobile app.
  • Capture lead information with forms.
  • Integrate with your favorite tools.
  • Create distinct pipelines for different operations.

V4 Creative records a 40% increase in productivity and customer engagement with Bigin.

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Dawid Roux
Managing Director

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Pipelines to track work and manage teams

With Bigin, you can view all of the information you want in one place via the pipeline view. Create stages for each project and easily drag them to the next stage as they progress. The pipeline view helps you keep your stored data clutter-free and manageable.

In Bigin, you can create a pipeline for every team in your agency and run your day-to-day activities more smoothly. For example, create a unique pipeline for your account management team, one for your creative team, another for your operations team, and so on. You can also create sub-pipelines for every main pipeline. Easily manage every team in one Bigin account.


Run email campaigns with just a few simple clicks

Email alone has limitations, but you can easily do a lot more with it by integrating it with Bigin.

If you're running an email marketing campaign for your agency, sending each one of your clients an email can be time-consuming and monotonous. Bigin makes this whole process effortless by enabling you to send mass emails in just a few simple clicks.

mass emails

Categorize your records with tags

Agencies work with various companies, and each one of them has different requirements. It's important to categorize them accordingly. With Bigin, you can identify them with tags by assigning different colors and labels.


Work with multiple companies more easily

Your agents will be working with multiple companies and, as demand increases, it will be harder and harder to keep track of them and their requirements. Add them to Bigin's Companies module so that all you have to do next time is browse to find the information you need about each company you work with.

mass emails

Communicate effortlessly with
built-in telephony

When you get calls from multiple people with different needs, keeping track of them can be hard. With Bigin's built-in telephony feature, you can make calls from within your CRM. For each call, add notes and a summary so you understand what each conversation was about.

Built in telephony

Say goodbye to repetitive tasks

Daily repetitive tasks always become a drag on productivity. Save time and effort with Bigin by simply automating those tasks with workflows, which are triggered when you set up condition-based rules. For example, every time a new client partners with your agency, Bigin will automatically send a welcome email.


Track your revenue through
helpful metrics

View your data in easy-to-understand charts and visualizations via dashboards. Choose pre-built dashboards or create your own. Effortlessly track and analyze your agencies revenue and track your performance. You can also analyze the number of meetings and the calls you have attended and strategically plan for the future.


Convert your website visitors
to potential leads

Capture leads in just a few minutes with forms. When a potential client visits your website and fills in the forms, you and your team will be notified immediately about the lead in your Bigin account.

Built in telephony

Get all the information you need at anytime

You don't have to be in front of your desktop all the time to access the information stored in your CRM. Easily access everything you need on the go with Bigin's mobile app.

Bigin + your favourite tools

Integrate Bigin easily with other Zoho tools, as well as a multitude of other apps via Zapier—no coding required.

When a new contact is added in Bigin, a new project
will be created In Nifty.

Bigin by Zoho CRM + Nifty

When a new event is added in Bigin, a new card
will be added in Trello.

Bigin by Zoho CRM + Trello

When a new company is created, the pipeline status
will be changed in Agency Elephant.

Bigin by Zoho CRM + Agency Elephant

When a new contact is created in bigin a new idea
will be created in Buffer.

Bigin by Zoho CRM + Buffer

Integrates with Google Workspace,
Microsoft Office 365 and other apps you love

Bigin integrates with many of the tools you're already using. For example, if you're using Razorpay for transactions, you can easily integrate it with Bigin to automate the desired action whenever a transaction takes place.

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Managing everything can be tough, but Bigin can make it easy and effortless

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