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Whether you're looking to automate your daily tasks or keeping track of conversations with your clients or simply looking for an extra hand in managing your business process, Bigin is here to make your life easy and keep your clients happy. Try our simple yet powerful solution that's built specifically for freelancers.

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Team Pipeline view in Bigin mobile

Track ongoing projects easily by switching between multiple Team Pipelines

Sub-pipelines let you categorize operations within a main Team Pipeline

  • Freelancers
  • Content Management
  • Website Requirement
  • Social Promotions
  • Local Clients

  • International Clients

  • Website Content

  • Magazine Content

  • Landing Page

  • Testimonials Page

  • Content Strategy

  • Online Reputation

Why do freelancers need a CRM solution?

It's a common misconception that only big companies need CRM solutions to manage their data and track their day-to-day progress. For any venture to succeed, operations must be managed, organized and tracked in an efficient manner. If you're a freelancer, this can get pretty hectic, since it's mostly a one-man job. It can become strenuous when clients and their work requirements increase. And it is near impossible to maintain all your leads and other data in a spreadsheet with limited features.

That's why you need Bigin.

Bigin is the best CRM solution
for freelancers

Bigin simplifies and streamlines your work with user-friendly features to help you manage different day-to-day operations—all in one place. This CRM software is specially built for micro businesses like yours, and can be a freelancer’s best friend when it comes to performing various time-consuming tasks. Since you earn wages on a per-job or per-task basis, it is essential to keep a proper record of your opportunities. To help you do this, there's no tool better than CRM software.

Track multiple projects with Pipelines

Keeping track of different tasks for different clients can be challenging if your data is not organized properly. With Bigin's Pipeline feature, you get a complete, clutter-free view of all your deals in their different stages. As deals progress, you can easily drag them from one stage to the next.

stage transition rules

Increase your efficiency with
Stage Transition Rules

Stage transition rules make certain fields mandatory for a project to meet the requirements to progress to the next stage. For example, for an initial proposal to go to the final stage, the stage transition feature will make it mandatory to enter the proposal amount. If you do not enter the amount, the proposal will not be moved to the final stage.

stage transition rules stage transition rules

Automate daily repetitive tasks with workflows

Following up with clients can be extremely time-consuming.It is difficult to complete this task when you have other work to complete.The workflow feature in Bigin effortlessly handles the follow-up process for you, so you can simply focus on being the best at what you do.

With workflows, you can automate tasks, send emails, update fields, and add tags to records when certain conditions are met. This saves time and helps you eliminate repetitive tasks.

You can automate

  • Instant action
  • Scheduled action
workflows-first workflows-second

Connect your email accounts from almost
any email service provider

If you have a lot of potential and current clients, follow-up emails can help you with conversion and retention. But sending out all these emails manually can be overwhelming, and you may find yourself avoiding the task altogether.

Bigin easily integrates with your email platform so you can send mass emails to all your potential customers to build and maintain strong relationships. You can even arrange for Bigin to send automatic updates whenever you complete a project. With the email insights feature, you can quickly check whether a recipient has opened, clicked, or ignored your message.

email integretion email integretion

Make and receive calls from your CRM software

As a freelancer, you might use a separate phone to communicate with your clients and to store their contact information. With Bigin's built-in telephony feature, you can make and receive calls directly from your CRM system.

The Interactive Voice Response lets you communicate with your clients by personalized languages according to their preference with the built-in IVR feature. Keep clients up to date about their projects by automating calls. Use the IVR feature to enhance communication by making the experience more personalized. If you already have a phone system, you can easily integrate it with Bigin.

Built-in telephony Built-in telephony

Track your progress with dashboards

Visually monitoring your progress can help you develop better strategies for your business plan, which can eventually boost your sales. As a freelancer, it is essential to see a simplified version of your sales and progress.In Bigin, you can choose pre-built dashboards and charts to monitor your metrics. Data can be much easier to comprehend when presented as infographics.

dashboards dashboards

Integrate with Zoho's finance apps

It can be frustrating to have to message and remind every client to pay their invoice when you are done with their project. But when you integrate Bigin with Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice, you can take advantage of your CRM's free invoicing capabilities. An automatic invoice will be sent to your clients, and you won't have to stress about not getting paid on time. And there's great news—Zoho Invoice is completely free!

zoho invoice zoho invoice

Bigin + your favourite tools

As a freelancer you will be using multiple tools for your work. With Bigin as your CRM software you can integrate your favourite tools with Bigin using Zapier and automate your work.

When a payment is done, it will be reflected in your Bigin account

Bigin by Zoho CRM + PayPal

Triggers a call when a new lead is created in Hunter

Bigin by Zoho CRM + Hunter

Creates a brand new folder when a company is created

Bigin by Zoho CRM + Dropbox

Creates a task when a card is added

Bigin by Zoho CRM + Trello

Creates a task in Bigin when a new task is added to the project in Asana

Bigin by Zoho + Asana

A freelancer's journey can be tough,
but with Bigin it gets a lot easier.

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