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A CRM platform perfect for nonprofit organizations.Not everyone can do what nonprofit organizations do. With untold dedication and hard work, nonprofit organizations strive to make other people's lives better. Bigin wants to make it easier for you. A nonprofit, like any other organization, can utilize a CRM to manage data, but instead of maintaining a strong relationship with customers, nonprofit organizations deal with potential donors. In order to do so effectively, you need CRM software to support your mission.

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How is CRM important
for nonprofit organizations?

67% of nonprofits use customer relationship management software to track donations and manage communications with supporters and donors. As your donor base grows, you can't keep relying on spreadsheets to store data, and in turn as your organization grows, it's increasingly vital to keep track of your contacts, supporters, volunteers, and donors.

It's crucial to keep a record of all the money that comes in, but jotting it down on books and ledgers is definitely not going to help your organization in the long run. Bigin makes it easier for you to build a strong relationship with your donors with easy-to-use features that help increase your organization's productivity and efficiency.

Why choose Bigin?

As a nonprofit organization, you don't need an exhaustive system or a CRM application that's hard on your pockets. Bigin is the best CRM for your nonprofit organization: It's economical and packed with user-friendly features that will help you focus on your mission and not on daily mundane tasks. Forget about storing files and documents in a cabinet; switch to Bigin and access everything you need in a few simple clicks.

Track donations from various
individuals easily

Instead of jotting down amounts in a ledger, you can easily view all the information you need with the pipeline view in Bigin. Keep a track of individuals who have donated money to your organization without hassle or confusion. You can create multiple pipelines for different purposes and create stages to perform various checks. Manage multiple operations at once clutter-free by creating multiple pipelines.

When your donor base increases, you can't always rely on spreadsheets. Scrolling endlessly to find information about a particular donor is time-consuming and negatively affects your productivity. With Bigin, you can effortlessly create donor profiles and view their information in just a few simple clicks.

pipeline and stages pipeline and stages

Send bulk emails in a few clicks

Nonprofit organizations have to amplify their messages to a large audience to create awareness. Effective email campaigns can help spread awareness and boost fundraising. Manually sending every potential donor an email is a tedious and infeasible task, but with Bigin as your CRM software, you can send mass mails in just one click and save a huge amount of time.

Bigin enables you to see whether your email was opened or if it bounced. Email insights help to measure the impact of the email you've sent so that you can understand what works and what doesn't, and plan strategically for future email campaigns.

mass emails mass emails

Manage and keep a track of fundraising and donor history

All the information you need is stored in one place, so instead of rigorously scrolling through your spreadsheets to find the information you're looking for, you can simply get a summary of what you need in a neat and organized manner by clicking on the donor profiles you've made in Bigin.

timeline timeline

Automate repetitive tasks with workflows

Let's accept it: Automating daily tasks makes work much easier. Bigin's workflows enable you to set condition-based actions, automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, and make work effortless and uncomplicated. With workflows, you can effortlessly automate activities like sending follow-up emails to potential donors.

If your fundraising event is happening in a particular region, you don't have to reach out manually to determine which volunteers are available; instead, you can simply allocate volunteers to specific locations.

workflows workflows

Add tags to categorize donors

Tags help you in categorizing records based on specific conditions. Your nonprofit organization receives funds from donors, individual philanthropists, international organizations, and more, and it's important to categorize them in an orderly manner. Tags act as identifiers, meaning you can easily filter your donor base without hassle.

tags tags

Make and receive calls in your CRM

Bigin eliminates any need to set up a physical call center for your organization. With its built-in telephony feature, you can make calls from within Bigin itself. The best part is that, unlike other CRMs, you don't have to choose a paid plan to make calls—Bigin offers this feature for free.

Bulit in telephony Bulit in telephony

Use dashboards to help you
track your donations and progress

Data is much easier to understand when presented as infographics. In Bigin, you can choose pre-built dashboards and charts to monitor your metrics. You need to have a clear picture of where your funds are coming from and dashboards make it easy to track everything in a simplified view.

dashboards dashboards

Make it interactive by integrating
Twitter with Bigin

By simply integrating Bigin and Twitter, you can follow various philanthropists and donors on Twitter and understand their interests—all from within Bigin. You can like, reply, retweet, and respond to their messages without

Twitter Integration Twitter Integration

Bigin is extensible: Integrate it
with your favorite tool

Do you use different tools for your organization? You can integrate any tools or apps you use with Bigin. Say a donor contributed money through Razorpay. By integrating Bigin and Razorpay, you can automate certain actions. For example, every time a new donor contributes money, their contact details will be automatically added to your Bigin account, so you can totally automate the process of manually adding donors' contact details of potential donors.

Do more with your favorite tools Zaiper lets Bigin connect with thousands of apps, integrate any tool that you use for your organization. Simply integrate and do more.

When a payment is done, it will be reflected in your Bigin account

Bigin by Zoho CRM + PayPal

When a new donation is made a task is automatically created

Bigin by Zoho CRM + Donorbox

Updates Buffer profiles when a new contact is created

Bigin by Zoho + Buffer

Triggers when a contact is created

Bigin by Zoho + EveryAction

Sends measurement of an event to google analytics every time a new event is created

Bigin by Zoho + Google Analytics

Integrates with Google Workspace,
Microsoft Office 365 and other apps you love

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