Chennai-based health and wellness company CysterCare attains 35% user conversion rate and increases employee productivity by 30%.

Dev Ramnathan SivarajahCEO, CysterCare
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The company

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a widespread term in today's world, and one out of five women suffer from it. CysterCare based in Chennai, India, focuses on providing comprehensive solutions for women facing PCOS and related health challenges. Dev Ramnathan Sivarajah, CEO, along with two co-founders, Sri Ram Kathiresan and Anu Priya, started the company in 2021 with a mission to empower women and improve their overall well-being. CysterCare offers a range of specialized services, products, and support to address the unique needs of women affected by PCOS. Their services include:

  • Medical care
  • Nutrition care
  • Fitness care
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Mental wellness
  • Care manager

The challenge

Prior to implementing Bigin, CysterCare faced significant challenges in managing their data effectively. They relied on a combination of tools, such as Airtable and Google Sheets, to store and organize customer information, which resulted in fragmented data and inefficient workflows. This scattered data management approach made it difficult for the team to access and update crucial customer details in a centralized manner, leading to potential errors, duplicated efforts, and a lack of comprehensive insights.

Recognizing the limitations of their existing system, CysterCare realized they needed a CRM solution to streamline their operations and improve customer management. They evaluated Freshsales and LeadSquared, but ultimately rejected them because of the inadequate support provided by these tools.

"Earlier we did not have a proper system to track leads and sales, but with Bigin we visualized better conversions, retentions, and an excellent database management."

Sri Ram KathiresanCo-founder, CysterCare

The solution

After an exhaustive month of evaluating various CRM options, Sivarajah stumbled upon Bigin. Intrigued by its features and accessibility, his team began evaluating the platform. As they explored the features and functionalities, they encountered an issue that required assistance. The support team promptly responded with a solution in the middle of the night, leaving a lasting impression on Sivarajah.

Sivarajah sought out a CRM that empowered his team to adapt quickly and utilize its features effectively. He emphasized the significance of finding a user-friendly tool that could be easily adopted by his employees. The simple, yet intuitive, interface of Bigin—as well as its price point—aligned perfectly with his requirements.

"Bigin has stayed true to its value proposition—a CRM that is tailored for small business and startups."

Dev Ramnathan SivarajahCEO, CysterCare

 The features that helped CysterCare increase productivity included:

Team Pipelines

To handle their diverse channels for lead generation effectively and cater to their B2B and B2C clientele, they rely heavily on the Team Pipelines feature. It provides them with a systematic and organized approach to manage their leads and nurture relationships with their users. With Team Pipelines, CysterCare tailors the pipeline stages to align with their lead management process.


Sivarajah and the team utilize Dashboards in Bigin to gain valuable insights into the status of leads, work on untouched leads, and monitor the overall sales pipeline. Dashboards provide a visual representation of key metrics and data, enabling the team to make informed decisions and track the work of employees effectively.


CysterCare relies on paid marketing and promotions to reach their target audience and drive business growth. In this regard, Bigin's API proves to be an invaluable asset for enabling seamless integration with various marketing channels. By leveraging API capabilities, CysterCare enhances their marketing efforts and maximizes the efficiency of their campaigns.


The team focuses on providing timely follow-up and reminders to users before their plan or service ends. To ensure effective user engagement and proactive communication, they rely on the Tasks feature in Bigin.

Benefits and ROI

"The conversions have grown multifold. To be accurate, we have seen a spike of 35%."

Sri Ram Kathiresan Co-founder, CysterCare
  •  Since Bigin was introduced, user conversions have spiked up to 35%.
  • Employees' productivity grew 30%.
  • Effective database management and tracking has seen positive user retention.
  • Customer engagement has become effective with a positive impact on revenue.
  • Business processes have been streamlined.

Looking forward

 Within a span of just nine months, CysterCare has experienced remarkable growth and improvement in their business performance. As a forward-thinking company, they recognize the importance of leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive their business forward, and they have confidence that Bigin will play a pivotal role in their future success.

"I will vouch for Bigin and recommend startups and small businesses to choose Bigin as their CRM. I have three of my friends already using Bigin due to my recommendation."

Dev Ramnathan SivarajahCEO, CysterCare
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Features that helped us

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