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Thomas George, Owner, DT Consultancy
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Features that helped us grow

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The company

Based out of India and Bahrain, DT Consultancy offers an array of practical advisory services for all types of small and medium sized enterprises, including new company registration, restructuring of business operations, existing company amendments, and much more. They also work with clients to assess their requirements and obtain trade and working capital facilities from various banks and institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The challenge

Co-run by Thomas George and Syed Ali, DT Consultancy has been in business for the past seven years. But at a certain point in the company's growth, it became difficult to track business and manage employees. With 15 employees working out of two different countries and managing an average of 10 client applications per month, the business became unmanageable. DT Consultancy closes an average of four to six new company registrations per month. Each application passes multiple stages and no two applications are the same. Hence, tracking each application is crucial.

Prior to their big shift, DT consultancy had used other tool, such as Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft To Do, but none of them truly met the needs of the business. Microsoft To Do was not only not a perfect fit; there were also technical issues that caused trouble for DT Consultancy and their clients.

As a result, DT decided to switch to a CRM. After an intensive search, they found Bigin. But why did they choose Bigin over other CRMs? Let's find out.

Introduction to Bigin

Without much technical knowledge, George needed a tool that was simple and user-friendly. In comparison to Bigin, no CRM in the market was nearly as simple and easy to use. After DT Consultancy adopted Bigin, tracking company registration applications became incredibly easy. Currently, each application is classified in stages, helping them fetch and track information whenever required.

"We start our day with Bigin. It showcases each deal and stage and gives us a head start to what we need to track and achieve for the day."

Thomas George, Owner, DT Consultancy

Stage transition rules help them improve the process of tracking and capturing key details related to a deal. How? DT's admins set up a checkpoint for other users before they move a deal from one stage to another. By filling out a straightforward form about the transition, it ensures the deal is qualified to move on to a particular stage in the pipeline. With multiple users in different location, this smooths out the pipeline transition and helps DT avoid loose ends with deals.

"We find the stage transition rules really helpful. It's one of the best features I've come across!"

Thomas George, Owner, DT Consultancy

DT Consultancy's typical day at work starts with a team meeting, connecting their employees from two countries. When they previously used Excel sheets and Microsoft To Do, these meetings generally required an hour to one and a half hour sessions. But after switching to Bigin, their meetings hardly last longer than 30 minutes. Bigin has helped them save time and boost productivity. The pipeline view keeps their information streamlined and organized, and with each stage and deal showcased systematically, they get a head start on what needs to be tracked and achieved for the day. Bigin sets their goals clearly.

"I 100% attest to the fact Bigin is the most user-friendly CRM I have come across, including their mobile app as well. Whenever a client calls, I have all the required information in my hand. It helps me do and manage business with ease."

Thomas George, Owner, DT Consultancy

DT has an average of 100 ongoing deals on any given day, and the mobile app makes it a lot easier to track all the information about their clients regardless of where they are. Tracking deals and ensuring work is done from anywhere and at anytime has never been this easy for DT Consultancy before.

Bigin's dashboards help them acquire accurate information about how many deals are ongoing and how many deals are handled by a specific team member. DT also maintains multiple pipelines, and the workflow feature has helped them automate their entire business process. Once a company formation deal is closed, it automatically moves the deal to the next pipeline, which is VISA applications. There, the new deal journey begins. Previously, this process was done manually, which meant it was prone to errors, but now the process is completely automated with the help of workflow.

While on the hunt for a CRM, DT Consultancy had issues with tracking business and employee management. But Bigin has addressed each individual aspect of these issues. Bigin's sheer simplicity has helped them enormously to transform their business, it has surprised George how little technical skill was required to set up the CRM from scratch. Since CRMs are applications meant to be used on a daily basis, it's important that they're simple but do the job—and Bigin fits the criteria perfectly!

"The most user-friendly software that I have come across. A perfect package for non-technical users to start off with. With a non-technical mindset, it has been effortless to hop on to Bigin."

Thomas George, Owner, DT Consultancy

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Features that helped us grow

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