Kenyan real estate company Eden Ridge Limited's sales shoot up 20% with Bigin.

    Jack WafulaCEO, Eden Ridge Limited

    The company

    Eden Ridge Limited, a prominent player in Kenya's real estate sector, was founded by industry veteran Jack Wafula, who had over two decades of experience. The company emerged on the scene in November 2016 with a commitment to delivering excellence in the real estate market. Eden Ridge Limited is fully registered in Kenya with Wafulla being the sole owner. Drawing upon his extensive background in market research within the real estate sector, he specializes in verifying and validating properties. Beyond this, he goes the extra mile by offering financing solutions and ensuring that his clients get the best possible deals. Over the years, the company has established a strong reputation for reliability, trustworthiness, and a customer-centric approach.

    The challenge

    When Eden Ridge Limited was established, Wafula relied on spreadsheets to manage the company's extensive database of clients and leads. The process involved manual data entry of client information and requirements. However, as the company continued to grow, it encountered several significant challenges with this approach. One of the most pressing issues stemmed from the manual data entry and management. As employees left the company or were replaced, the responsibility for updating the spreadsheets often passed from one person to another, which resulted in a lack of consistency and accuracy in the data, as well as delays in updating client information. Consequently, the company started losing opportunities due to outdated or incorrect data and ill-timed follow-ups. The critical turning point came when the company realized that it needed a more robust and automated system to manage its operations effectively.

    Due to the absence of a seamless data management process, you could lose a lot of clients. From my perspective, this represents an even greater cost compared to the expense of having a system in place.

    Jack Wafula, CEO

    The solution

    In the process of evaluating a CRM solution, Wafula engaged with an IT consultant who identified Bigin as the ideal system for the company. Among the Bigin features he finds immensely valuable are its dashboards and Pipelines module. Dashboards empower Wafula with a comprehensive, birds-eye view of the entire operation. he can easily track the number of calls his team makes, their duration, the team's overall progress on deals, and the status of each deal. The most significant advantage of these dashboards is their ability to pinpoint the areas where the team may require assistance, whether it's in lead generation or refining their sales etiquette. Another essential feature is the Pipelines module, which provides a clear visualization of the customer journey and offers insights into how long it takes for a lead to progress from one stage to the next. Additionally, Wafula can easily identify the deals that are reaching completion within a specific month, providing valuable insights into the company's performance and progress.

    Bigin is simple to deploy, simple to use, and simple to monitor—and simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

    Jack Wafula, CEO

    Benefits and ROI

    • Timely follow-ups facilitated via the CRM have resulted in a remarkable 20% increase in sales.
    • Dashboards provide a clear, real-time view of key metrics, enabling more informed managerial decisions, and ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency.
    • The transparency in tracking deal progress has motivated employees to excel.
    • Efficient task management ensures that the right individuals are assigned to the right tasks, increasing the likelihood of successful outcomes.

    Looking forward

    Wafula believes that in the future Bigin will become the sole system capable of efficiently handling his company's operations from start to finish. As Eden Ridge Limited continues to evolve, it aims to leverage Bigin's capabilities to enhance efficiency, elevate productivity, and establish a foundation for sustained growth in the real estate industry.

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    • Type of businessPrivate Limited
    • Previously Used SoftwareSpreadsheets

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