Dubai-based IT company witnesses 30-40% surge in employee productivity using Bigin.

Suchit KumarCEO, Texub
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The company

Established in 2021 and headquartered in Dubai, Texub stands as a pioneering global B2B marketplace. Suchit Kumar, the CEO, is a visionary with over 30 years of experience in global business networking. Texub offers a secure and seamless trade ecosystem for IT trade. Its digital platform facilitates connections between businesses and verified buyers and sellers, streamlining trade processes and reducing routine work. The platform caters to brands, distributors, and resellers while prioritizing trade security.

The challenge

Vinay Pagare, the head of operations, undertook a comprehensive evaluation to identify an ideal CRM solution for Texub after facing issues with Pipedrive and HubSpot. Pipedrive proved costly, as its most valuable features were only available in higher editions, while HubSpot was too complex. These hurdles forced Pagare to look for a user-friendly CRM solution that multiple teams within the organization could seamlessly adopt. His criteria were clear: simplicity, affordability, and a comprehensive ecosystem.

The solution

Bigin aligned perfectly with Pagare's criteria. Texub previously managed operations with multiple applications, so the introduction of Team Pipelines proved to be a blessing. Three essential pipelines—revenue, onboarding, and customer support—now operate smoothly on a daily basis. The added advantage of seamless integration with other applications further solidified Bigin as the go-to solution for efficiency and effectiveness.

"We reviewed a lot of CRM [solutions] and selected Bigin. We're extremely happy with what we got in terms of the product."

Suchit KumarCEO, Texub

Texub's wide range of products includes laptops, projectors, UPS, power supplies, storage accessories, gaming consoles, and printers. Every day, customers use the company's website to submit inqueries about the products. The Commercial Officer team assesses the buyers's pricing and needs, and then forwards this information to the seller manager, who chooses the most favorable available price. This quote then moves to the sales team, which informs the customer to proceed with the deal. Bigin's Team Pipeline feature plays a pivotal role in this process, ensuring a seamless workflow as single inquiries pass through multiple teams. The customer support team also operates through a separate pipeline. When an existing customer raises an issue, the sales team creates a ticket. This ticket is then assigned to the support team, which works to find a resolution and update it in the Notes section of Bigin. This ensures that the sales team is informed about the solution for future reference and remains connected to the concerns of the customer.

Benefits and ROI

  • Employee productivity has surged by 30% to 40% with the implementation of Bigin.
  • Tangible revenue growth has been observed over time.
  • Employee morale has seen noticeable growth as the employees suggest workflow ideas to improve the process.
  • Streamlined workflows have simplified tasks and minimized manual efforts.
  • Through support team updates and customer tickets, the sales team gains insights on customer challenges, fostering knowledge and transparency across departments.

"I highly recommend all the startups to use a CRM [solution], and Bigin is the ideal CRM [solution] for startups."

Vinay PagareHead of Operation & Technology, Texub

Looking forward

Starting with Bigin as its CRM solution, Texub discovered the depth of Zoho's product ecosystem. This discovery led the company to integrate Zoho Books, Zoho Campaigns, and SalesIQ into its operations. The future looks bright for Texub and its customers' approach to technology adoption. As it continues to expand and evolve, the company recognizes the value of staying within the Zoho ecosystem.

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  • Previously Used SoftwarePiepdrive and Hubspot

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