Tulsea, a strategic media and content management company from India, transforms its sales process and closes 20% more deals with Bigin

Raghvendra Kumar Tulsea

The company

Founded in 2010 by Datta Dave and Chaitanya Hegde, Tulsea addresses a gap in representing writers and directors in India compared to their western counterparts. From a modest start with only three employees, Tulsea has now grown to a team of 30 across two branches in Mumbai and Los Angeles whose core focus is talent representation. This endeavor involves securing opportunities and planning careers for writers and directors, which in turn entails engaging with producers and OTT platforms in the market, pitching talent's ideas, and negotiating deals to feature talent's work. From a niche market gap to a thriving talent management agency, Tulsea is making waves in the entertainment industry.

The challenge

Tulsea's team initially relied on spreadsheets and emails to manage business conversations, which proved ineffective. According to their Content Development Manager, Namrata, they often faced an issue where a conversation would become scattered across multiple emails, which led to some correspondences getting lost. Additionally, with teammates in different locations, using emails and WhatsApp groups wasn't a practical solution—especially for those based in LA. Recognizing the need to improve their client follow-up process and increase internal transparency, the team understood that establishing a structured process for each task was essential for their business growth.

"Bring us from chaos to order—that's what Bigin has done for our team. Bringing in opportunities and converting them into something fun has never been easier."

Namrata WadhwaniContent Development Manager, Tulsea

The solution

Raghvendra, Tulsea's COO, understood these operational issues and started his hunt for a simple CRM. After evaluating many of the most widely known tools in the market—namely, Salesforce, App Sheet, HubSpot, and Pipedrive—he eventually came across Bigin and started the 14-day free trial to test its features. Having certain criteria in mind, he felt Bigin fit well in terms of features, pricing, and the simplicity it offered.

Additionally, the company already uses Zoho People and Zoho Books, so choosing Bigin gave them an additional advantage, as they'd be staying within the Zoho ecosystem.

Bigin features Tulsea uses

  • Pipelines: Offering clarity to all agents and managers, pipelines provide a visual representation of progress from point A to point B across various stages of the sales process. This enables the team to prioritize tasks and distribute the workload efficiently within each stage.
  • Filters: The team benefits from a dedicated writer/director filter, granting managers direct access to specific agents without the need to schedule calendar meetings to discuss pipeline matters.
  • Notes: In instances where an agent is on leave and a follow-up is necessary with a customer, notes serve as a valuable reference for team members in assisting customers in the primary agent's absence.

Benefits and ROI

  • Deal conversions have surged by 20% since the team adopted the CRM.
  • Transparency between the agents and managers has minimized the need for multiple meetings.
  • Improved communication between the teams has significantly boosted employee productivity.
  • Dashboards give managers insights into the business's health and help in prioritizing work based on real-time data.

Looking forward

The Tulsea team is enthusiastic about using Bigin for their end-to-end operations while also exploring ways to optimize other Zoho apps for their business needs.

"Sometimes, the introduction of new software can be an uphill battle with a team. However, whether you have a larger team or even a smaller team with several touchpoints, software brings everybody together and helps reduce any drops in communication."

Radhika GopalHead of Writers & Directors, Tulsea
  • Industry typeMedia Agency
  • Employees
  • Type of businessPrivate Limited
  • Previously Used SoftwareSpreadsheets