Things to Note

  • Polling and Callback options are supported in this API.

  • This API is supported for all modules except Notes, Attachments, Emails, and related and cross modules.

  • Sorting and Group by clause are not supported via this API endpoint.

  • Response contains a compressed file {job_id}.zip, which contains the result as a {job_id}.csv file.

  • A maximum of 200,000(two hundred thousand) records can be exported in a single export job. i.e, "page" would be "1" and "per_page" would be "200,000."

  • In case there are additional records to be exported, the "page" key can be set to "2", which would fetch the records starting from 200,001.

  • For ICS type export,

    • Every non-recurring event is written in the file as an individual entity.

    • When an event is a recurring one, all the recurring events are squashed into a single entity and written in the file only once.

    • When you update a specific instance of a recurring event, it is written as a separate entity in the ICS file with the RECURRENCE-ID.

Limits of Bulk Read APIs

  • Only 10 requests for download are allowed for a one-minute interval. Crossing the limit will result in an error (HTTP code :429) returned to the user as response. All downloads will be unsuccessful and the download request will be processed only after one minute.

  • Use the "more_records" key in the response to detect if there are any further records. You can change the value of "page" key for additional export jobs.

  • After completing the bulk job, you can access the downloadable file only for a period of one day. After that, you cannot access the file via endpoints.

  • Maximum of 200 select fields can be given via an endpoint. Anything above 200, data will be exported with all fields available in that module.

  • Maximum value of "page" key in the export request body is 500.

Criteria Limits

  • Maximum number of criteria that can be used in a query is 25. This also includes the number of criteria in a custom view or a standard view. For example, if you specify the ID of the standard view "My Open Deals", which uses two criteria, the remaining criteria that you can use in the query will be 23.

  • For fields, 'in' and 'not_in' comparators can accept upto 20 values.

  • Criteria on Multiline text fields are not supported.

  • Custom views in Activities module are not supported.

  • Co-Owner view in Contacts module, standard views Shared By Me and Shared To Me are not supported in this API.

ICS Limits

  • ICS file type export is supported only for the Events module.

  • You can export a maximum of 20,000 records per API call as an ICS file.

  • The host of the event is also added as a participant if that event has participants.

  • If you do not specify the email ID of any participant, that record will not be added to the ICS file.

  • When a recurring activity is scheduled beyond 20,000 records per batch, that entity is added even to the next batch of records.