Response Structure

    "data": [
            "All_day": false,
            "Owner": {
                "name": "Patricia Boyle",
                "id": "87157000000116013",
                "email": ""
            "Description": null,
            "$currency_symbol": "Rs.",
            "Start_DateTime": "2020-05-06T21:00:00+05:30",
            "$followers": null,
            "Participants": [],
            "Event_Title": "Product positioning",
            "$calendar_booking_event": false,
            "End_DateTime": "2020-05-06T22:00:00+05:30",
            "Modified_By": {
                "name": "Patricia Boyle",
                "id": "87157000000116013",
                "email": ""
            "id": "87157000000189338",
            "$approved": true,
            "Remind_At": null,
            "$approval": {
                "delegate": false,
                "approve": false,
                "reject": false,
                "resubmit": false
            "Modified_Time": "2020-05-06T18:56:38+05:30",
            "Venue": null,
            "Created_Time": "2020-05-06T18:56:38+05:30",
            "$followed": false,
            "$editable": true,
            "$recurrence_id": "87157000000189338",
            "Check_In_Time": null,
            "$se_module": null,
            "Recurring_Activity": null,
            "$meeting_details": null,
            "$u_id": "87157000000189338",
            "Created_By": {
                "name": "Patricia Boyle",
                "id": "87157000000116013",
                "email": ""
            "Tag": [],
            "$send_notification": false,
            "$approval_state": "approved"


  • The fields beginning with "$" indicate that they do not appear on the Bigin UI, but contain important data. They are read-only fields.
  • For more information about sample attributes, refer Get List of Records.