Multi DC

Bigin is hosted at multiple data centers. Therefore, the API domain URL varies for each data center. This makes integration simpler and avoids conflicts between browser extensions and the user's current session.

The various domains and their respective API domain URLs are:

  • US:

  • AU:

  • EU:

  • IN:

  • CN:

  • JP:

When you made an Authorization Request using the below authorization URL,{client_id}&response_type=code&access_type={offline_or_online}&redirect_uri={redirect_uri}

the response to the request was:


The "location=us" parameter contains the domain of your account. Use this domain in all API endpoints.

Therefore, the domain-specific URL to fetch all Bigin Contacts is

  • EU domain: ""

  • CN domain: ""


You must make the authorization request from for the EU, AU, and IN domains. After the request is successful, the system automatically redirects you to your domain.
For the CN domain, make the authorization request from

Enabling Multi DC for a web-based client

After registering your client, you can enable Multi DC in the SETTINGS tab.

With this option, you can decide users from which domain can access the web application.

You can see in the above screenshot that users from Europe, Australia, and India can access the web-based client. The client ID remains the same, and the client secret differs from one DC to another. You can also choose to have the same client secret across multiple domains based on your business needs.