Add tags to records

Add tags to multiple records or a specific record.

Request URL

For multiple records, use


For a specific record, use


Choose domain-specific URL to replace {api-domain}

You can use the domain-specific URL to access Bigin resources. Based on the data center in which the Bigin account's resources are available, replace {api-domain} in the preceding request with one of the following API domain URLs:

  • For US,
  • For EU,
  • For AU,
  • For IN,
  • For CN,
  • For JP,

For more information, see Multi DC Support.



For this endpoint, pass the access token as an authorization header. See OAuth Authentication for more information about access tokens.

Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken <ACCESS_TOKEN>

You must authenticate using an access token that is associated with one of the following scopes:

  • ZohoBigin.modules.ALL
  • ZohoBigin.modules.{module_name}.ALL
  • ZohoBigin.modules.{module_name}.WRITE
  • ZohoBigin.modules.{module_name}.CREATE

In the above scope, replace {module_name} with the module for which you want to retrieve the records. The possible modules include pipelines, contacts, accounts (companies in Bigin), products, calls, events, and tasks.

Request parameters

The available request parameters are given below:

Path parameters

module_api_name stringRequired

The API name of the module. The possible modules for this endpoint and their API name are given below:

ModuleAPI Name
record_id stringOptional

The unique identification of a record in a module. Use this when you want to add tags to a specific record in a module. You can get the record ID from the Get records API.


Query parameters

over_write booleanOptional

Determines whether the existing tags should be overwritten. The default value is false.


Body parameters

tags stringRequired

Provide the list of tags that you want to associate with the records. You can get the list of tags from the Tag Lists API.

ids stringRequired

Specify the unique identification (record ID) of records to which the tags are added. It accepts multiple record IDs. You can get the record ID from the Get records API.

Sample request

Copiedcurl "" \
-H "Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.8cb99dxxxxxxxxxxxxx9be93.9b8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxf"
Copiedresponse = invokeurl
url :""
	type :POST
info response;

Sample request body

    "tags": [
            "name": "sampletag",
            "id": "1003680000000574077"
    "ids": [

Response object

The response object includes details regarding success and status messages.

Possible error codes

The response of this resource includes HTTP status and error codes.

The most common HTTP error codes that occur when you request access to this endpoint are given in the following:


    Please check if the URL trying to access is a correct one
    Resolution: The request URL specified is incorrect. Specify a valid request URL. Refer to request URL section above.


    Resolution: Client does not have ZohoBigin.modules.{module_name}.WRITE scope. Create a new client with valid scope. Refer to scope section above.


    Permission denied to update records
    Resolution: The user does not have permission to add tags to the records. Contact your system administrator.


    Internal Server Error
    Resolution: Unexpected and unhandled exception in Server. Contact support team.


    The http request method type is not a valid one
    Resolution: You have specified an invalid HTTP method to access the API URL. Specify a valid request method. Refer to endpoints section above.


    User does not have sufficient privilege to add tags
    Resolution: The user does not have the permission to add tags to the records. Contact your system administrator.


    The module name given seems to be invalid
    Resolution: You have specified an invalid module name or there is no tab permission, or the module could have been removed from the available modules. Specify a valid module API name.


    The given module is not supported in API
    Resolution: The modules such as Documents and Projects are not supported in the current API. (This error will not be shown, once these modules are been supported). Specify a valid module API name.


    Please check whether the input values are correct
    Resolution: The value specified for one of the parameters is incorrect. Refer to parameters section above and specify valid parameter values.

Sample Response

    "data": [
            "code": "SUCCESS",
            "details": {
                "id": "2445013000000141005",
                "tags": [
            "message": "tags updated successfully",
            "status": "success"
    "wf_scheduler": "true",
    "success_count": "1"