Bigin allows you to import your organization's existing data into individual modules in CSV format.
This API is asynchronous and the result is not available immediately. The result is available only in CSV file format, and compressed into a ZIP file.

CSV File Limits

  • The zip file can have only one CSV file with a maximum size of 25MB. When the file size exceeds this limit, you must split the file and process it in multiple bulk jobs.

  • When you zip more than one CSV file, the system throws an error.

  • The Bulk API does not support any delimiter except for comma, semicolon(;), colon(:), and pipe(|). The system detects the delimiter automatically based on the header in file.

  • You must include all required fields when you create a record. You can optionally include any other field for the module.

  • To associate a lookup field's value, the column header in the CSV file should be field_api_name.parent_field_api_name
    For example, if you have an Account Name lookup field, which refers to an account record in the Contacts module, and you have an Account record's ID value in your file, the column header would be

  • If you have an Account's Name in your file, then the header should be Account_Name.Account_Name. Here, the first Account_Name is the API name of the field 'Account Name' in the Contacts module and the second Account_Name is the API name of the field 'Account Name' in the Accounts module.
    The CSV file will have data as follows.
  • A CSV file can contain a maximum of 25000 records with 200 column headers. A file with records above this limit is considered as an improper file and leads to an error.

Limits of Bulk Write APIs

  • You can upload only one zipped CSV file per bulk write request.

  • This API does not support  Users module, linking modules , Attachments, Notes, Tasks, Events, Calls, upload file(fields), and record images.

  • The number of bulk write jobs that you can initiate is based on the Bigin edition and remaining credit limits on that day.

  • A single bulk write job will decrease 500 credits from the daily limit irrespective of its state.