Disable notifications

Disable the notifications enabled through channels by removing those channels. This endpoint deletes the channels and the notifications enabled for those channels.

Request URL


Choose a domain-specific URL to replace {api-domain}

You can use a domain-specific URL to access Bigin resources. Based on the data center in which the Bigin account's resources are available, replace {api-domain} in the preceding request with one of the following API domain URLs:

  • For US: https://www.zohoapis.com
  • For EU: https://www.zohoapis.eu
  • For AU: https://www.zohoapis.com.au
  • For IN: https://www.zohoapis.in
  • For CN: https://www.zohoapis.com.cn
  • For JP: https://www.zohoapis.jp

For more information, read Multi DC Support.



For this endpoint, pass the access token as an authorization header. Read OAuth Authentication for more information about access tokens.

Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken <ACCESS_TOKEN>

You must authenticate using an access token that's associated with the following scope:

  • ZohoBigin.notifications.ALL
  • ZohoBigin.notifications.DELETE

Sample request

Copiedcurl "https://www.zohoapis.com/bigin/v2/actions/watch?channel_ids=1001,1002" \
-H "Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.8cb99dxxxxxxxxxxxxx9be93.9b8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxf"

Request parameters

The available request parameters are provided below:

Query parameters

channel_ids stringRequired

Provide a comma-separated list of channel IDs that are specified when enabling a notification.

Sample response

    "watch": [
            "code": "SUCCESS",
            "details": {
                "resource_uri": "https://www.zohoapis.com/bigin/v2/Contacts",
                "resource_id": "5436046000000002179",
                "channel_id": "1001"
            "message": "Successfully un-subscribed from actions-watch",
            "status": "success"
            "code": "SUCCESS",
            "details": {
                "resource_uri": "https://www.zohoapis.com/bigin/v2/Pipelines",
                "resource_id": "5436046000000002181",
                "channel_id": "1002"
            "message": "Successfully un-subscribed from actions-watch",
            "status": "success"