Step 1: Generate authorization code

Unlike other client types, the authorization code for self client can be generated within the API console. The authorization code is a temporary code that can be used to exchange with authorization server for obtaining access and refresh tokens.

To get an authorization code, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Zoho API Console ↗.
  2. Select Self Client and then navigate to the Generate Code tab. If you do not find Self Client in the API console, register a new client by selecting the client type as self client.

  3. Provide the following details and then click CREATE.
    • Scope - Indicates the scope of the access request. This parameter informs the Bigin authorization server about the level of access the client is requesting. You can set the single scope or multiple scopes separated by a comma as shown below.

      scope = ZohoBigin.modules.ALL


      scope = ZohoBigin.settings.modules.READ,ZohoBigin.settings.modules.WRITE,ZohoBigin.settings.DELETE

    • Time Duration - Indicates the validity of the authorization code. The Time Duration can be 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 7 minutes or 10 minutes. You can select one of the given options.
    • Scope Description - Indicates the scope description.
  4. From the Select Portal section, select Bigin. When you select Bigin, the list of organizations with which your account is associated appears.

  5. You must select an organization to which the self client is able to connect and access and then click CREATE.
  6. The Generated Code appears with scope details. You can either copy the code by clicking the Copy button or download the JSON file that has the authorization details by clicking the Download button.

    Note: You must exchange the generated authorization code with authorization server for access and refresh tokens within the specified time duration.

What's next!

Step 2: Get access tokens using authorization code ➔