What is Bigin Marketplace?

The Bigin Marketplace ↗ enables developers to connect with thousands of customers across the globe. In general, the Bigin Marketplace is a catalog of tailored custom solutions such as toppings and integrations. The Bigin Marketplace allows

  • an established ISV (independent software vendor) partner and a pioneering independent developer to showcase and sell their toppings
  • our customers to browse their favorite toppings to install into their accounts

For listing a topping on the Bigin Marketplace, it must meet the listing requirements and should complete the review process. The published toppings in the Bigin Marketplace will be available either for free or paid.

Who can use the Bigin marketplace

You can use Bigin Marketplace as a customer (subscriber), contributor (partner/developer), or both. Anyone with a Bigin account can use Bigin Marketplace. A customer can start to explore the marketplace, search for a topping, and then install or buy the topping as needed. A contributor can be a customer, partner, or an individual developer who has something to build and publish to the marketplace that extends and improves Bigin's native capabilities.

Why list a topping in the Bigin Marketplace?

The Bigin Marketplace is accessible for thousands of Bigin customers across the globe. As a developer, you can simply build and publish your topping to the marketplace and then the rest of the process is handled by the Bigin Marketplace itself. With a well-defined customer base of the Bigin Marketplace, the newly published apps can quickly reach potential customers.

By publishing apps on the Bigin marketplace, you can get the following benefits:

  • Established Customer Base - The Bigin Marketplace enables the published toppings to reach thousands of existing customers.
  • Generate New Revenue Streams - You can generate income by selling toppings on the Bigin marketplace that offers a hassle-free and secure payments process.
  • Quality Control - The toppings published on the Bigin marketplace follow strict guidelines and ensure top quality.
  • Mutually Beneficial Partnership - Your toppings make our core product more flexible. We make sure to treat our development partners right, providing top-shelf customer service with a fast response time.
  • Better Usage Experience - The Bigin Marketplace portal offers better browsing options and simple navigation to let your customers easily find and install a topping.