Accessing Bigin Marketplace

When you publish toppings to a marketplace, they are public and available for those who have access to the Bigin marketplace. If you already have an account with Bigin, you can sign in with your Bigin account. Otherwise, you need to sign up for a Bigin Marketplace Account.

Once you get access to the Bigin marketplace, you can start exploring the marketplace portal and find the suitable app to extend your business functionality. If you don't find one, start creating a topping as per your business requirement.

Marketplace Home Page

The Bigin Marketplace home page is an entry point to view and browse the publicly listed toppings. The home page of the Bigin Marketplace looks like this:

Browse for Toppings

Bigin Marketplace offers simple search and filtering options to browse the required apps quickly. On the Bigin Marketplace home page, you can use the search bar to find a topping using the name or category of a topping, contributor's name or combination of different keywords.

Alternatively, you can also quickly find and install the required topping from the Featured apps and Editor's pick sections of the home page. Also, you can browse all toppings by scrolling down the home page and clicking the View All button. And then type the name of a topping in the search bar at the top of the page to find the required topping.

You can also use the filters on the left pane of thepage to browse the required topping quickly.

After you find your topping, you can click it to view the listing page of the topping.

Listing Page of a Topping

The listing page of a topping on Marketplace provides customers with a chance to get to know about the topping and the importance of using it. The listing page displays the important details of the topping such as name, description, features, help documentation and videos, and vendor details. The listing page helps customers to understand and decide whether the listed topping fulfills their requirement or not.

The listing page of a topping looks like this:

  • The Logo section displays the logo of the topping.
  • The Title section displays the title of the topping.
  • The Title Tagline section displays a tagline for the topping.
  • The Install or Buy Now button lets the customers to buy or install the topping with ease.
  • The Overview section provides the detailed description of the topping as well as displays videos.
  • The Screenshots section displays screenshots of the topping.
  • The Ratings & Reviews section allows customers to give feedback about the topping after using it.
  • The Vendor section provides the details about the owner of the topping.
  • The Details section provides details such as published date, latest release information, pricing details, and platform details on which the topping is created.
  • The Compatible Editions section provides the list of editions on which the given topping is supported.
  • The Tags section displays the list of tags for the given topping.
  • The Resources section provides useful resources such as help documentation on how to use or manage the topping.