Configure a Function

This section provides information about how to configure a function that can be added as an instant or schedule action while creating a workflow rule.

To configure a function, follow these steps:

  1. Open Bigin Developer Console.
  2. Go to Automate > Workflow > Functions.
  3. Click the + Configure Function button.

    The Create New Function window appears.

  4. Do the following:
    • For Function Name, type a name for function.
    • For Display Name, type a display name.
    • For Description, type a description of the function.
    • From the Module drop-down list, select a module.
  5. Click Create.

    The Deluge Script Editor appears.

  6. Add the custom code as per your requirement, and then click Save to save the function or click Save & Execute Script to test and save the function.

A new function for a workflow rule is created.