What are Custom Links?

Bigin offers custom links that allow you to access third-party applications and urls to get the desired information. The custom links are formatted using a URL structure that helps to auto-generate specific link for each record of a module. For example, you can create a formatted twitter link to retrieve the twitter profile of each contact in your Contacts module. Moreover, the custom links are available on the details page of each record on the Bigin UI.

Types of custom links

The custom links are classified into two types depending on the custom requirement of the user:

  • Static URL: The static URL does not contain any URL parameters and allows you to connect to the static webpage that might be helpful to your team. For example, https://www.zoho.com/index.html.
  • Dynamic URL: The dynamic URL contains the URL parameters and allows you to display the specific content of a site stored in a database on demand. You can append the fields with the dynamic URL. For example, http://www.google.com/search?q=${Contacts.Company Name}.