What is Developer Console?

The developer console allows you to build your topping further. It provides a space for your topping that lets you add or customize resources using a graphical user interface (GUI). Use the developer console to create the custom functionality for your topping with ease.

From the developer workspace, using your topping draft, you can navigate to the developer console. To navigate, hover over the topping and then click Edit Topping (Green Pencil Icon).

Overview of Developer Console

This is the first thing you see when you navigate to the developer console of your topping.

The developer console provides:

  1. The Build section contains customization features and lets you add the custom components and functionality for your toppings.
  2. The Integrate section allows you to add developers to the console.
  3. The Utilities section allows you to create connections with third-party apps.
  4. The Package section allows you to publish your topping privately for the specified members and publicly in the Bigin Marketplace.
  5. The Profile icon allows you to view the details of your account.
  6. The Test your Topping option allows you to test the topping in the sandbox environment before you publish it to the marketplace.
  7. The Manage Payments option lets you manage your payments.

Assign Developers to the Topping

When you create a topping draft, you are the only developer who can access and make changes to the topping. However, you can assign other developers to the topping from the developer console.

To assign a developer, follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to the developer workspace.
  2. Open the developer console. To open, hover over the topping you want to edit, and then click Edit Topping (Green Pencil Icon).
  3. On the left-pane of your developer console, under Integrate, click Add Developer.

    The Associated Developers page appears in which you can view the list of assigned developers to the topping.

  4. On the Associated Developers page, click Add Developer.

  5. On the Add Developer pop-up window, do the following:

    To add a new developer,

    1. Click click here.
    2. On the Add User pop-up window, type the User Name and Email address of the developer you want to add, and then click Invite.

      An invitation email is sent to the specified email of the developer.

    3. When the invite is accepted, the developer gets assigned to the topping.

    To add an existing developer,

    1. From the Select Developers.. drop-down, select a developer.

      The Select Developers.. drop-down lists the existing developers who are part of the developer workspace.

    2. Click Add.

Managing Associated Developers

You can view the list of developers by navigating to the Associated Developers page. To view, on the developer console of your topping, under Integrate, click Add Developer.

If you are the owner or admin of a topping, you are automatically added to the list of associated developers, and now you can add or remove other developers.

To remove a developer, from the list of associated developers, hover over the developer you want to remove, and then click the Delete icon.


If developers are the part of a topping and its workspace, they cannot be removed from the workspace when you delete them from the topping.