What are Toppings?

Toppings are installable niche features that extend Bigin's native capabilities. Toppings can also be integrations that connect Bigin with third-party applications. Bigin customers who are in need of these unique solutions can install toppings to their account.

Topping extends the core functionality of your Bigin account based on industry-specific requirements, particularly adds an extra value for your business. For example, the toppings can help you to sync contact details provided by different apps, effortlessly manage communications and follow-ups, and automate email or SMS campaigns.

Why Make a Topping

Bigin offers a wide-range of features that assist you to manage your business, and most of the features are pre-built and common to all business types. However, no two businesses are the same and some require a unique customized functionality. To fulfill the unique requirements for all business types, Bigin provides the flexibility to extend the functionality of your existing account by adding custom features and implementing business-specific requirements.

When you install a topping in your Bigin account, you can:

  • Deliver extra value for your business by adding custom features
  • Avoid complicated manual customizations
  • Avoid switching between applications
  • Update Bigin without disturbing the existing system

Types of Toppings

Depending on the purpose of your topping and your intended users, the toppings are classified into two types. The type of the topping defines the visibility for the users and has its own installation steps.

Public Toppings

Public Toppings are hosted on the Bigin Marketplace and available for all users across the globe. You can search and install the public toppings from the Bigin Marketplace ↗.

Some of the important aspects of Public Toppings are given below:

  • Available for all customers through Bigin Marketplace
  • Follows strict guidelines and goes through topping's approval process before listing on Marketplace
  • Allows Bigin Developers to sell and generate revenue using Bigin Marketplace

Private Toppings

Private Toppings are available for members who have the direct URL of the topping. The URL of a private topping is generated when you publish a topping in the developer console. The toppings are classified as private when you build them for personal or organizational use.

Some of the important aspects of Private Toppings are given below:

  • Available in the Hashed URL format
  • Does not undergo review or testing process by our team of experts
  • Readily available for use
  • Bigin Developer Console conducts auto validation while publishing the topping