Publishing Your Topping for Private Customers

You can publish your topping for individual customers according to their specific business needs. This can be achieved by privately publishing your topping. When you first publish your topping, it is only accessible to members who possess an installation URL. If you prefer not to list your topping on the Bigin Marketplace, you have the choice to share or sell the private toppings on your own platform.

To publish your topping for private customers, follow these steps:

  1. After creating a topping on the developer console, navigate to the Publish page in the left panel. The Topping Details page appears.

  2. Click Publish. The Publish window appears with the details of customizations and components that are included in your topping.

  3. On the Publish window, type the release notes details of a topping, and then click Confirm. A window appears with the installation URL of the topping.

  4. Copy the installation URL of the topping, and then click OK.

The topping is now published and can be installed within the US data center (DC).

Share your topping privately


When you share your topping privately to install in data centers (DCs) other than the US DC, you'll need to modify the installation URL based on the specific DC. The URL for other DCs is as follows:

You can share the installation URL of your topping with others in following ways:

  • From the Topping Details page, copy the installation URL of the topping. Then, share the copied link with your customers using emails or other sources. Also, you can embed the installation URL in your website and start selling as needed.

  • From the Topping Details page, to share directly to the customer email Ids, use the Share Privately button. When you click the Share Privately button, you are prompted to provide the customer email Ids, and a pre-defined email template with an attached installation URL (embedded with the Install Now button) appears on the Share this topping window. Type the customer email Ids you want to share the topping with, and then click Share.