Requirements for Listing a Topping

When you publish your topping in the Bigin Marketplace, you should define the listing page of your topping. The listing page helps you to showcase key features and functionalities, graphical contents, help links and support information of your topping. A well-defined and effective listing page will intrigue customers to try and install your toppings.

We've outlined the required specifications and guidelines to help you create an effective listing page for your toppings. It is highly recommended to follow these requirements while submitting your topping for review and approval process.

The following section contains the guidelines and specifications to create an effective listing page for a topping:


The topping name is the first thing your customers will see while browsing the marketplace. It's recommended to provide an easy-to-remember, memorable, and simple-to-search name. Also, your topping name:

  • must contain 25-30 characters
  • must be a unique name in the marketplace
  • can be similar to your company or product name
  • must not contain the following: Bigin, free, paid, topping


The logo of your topping should be appealing and noticeable to your customers. It should also be of high quality and easily recognizable. Your logo will be displayed on a white background so upload a logo image with transparent background for best results. Avoid using a white color logo. Also, your topping's logo:

  • must be a maximum resolution of 180 x 180 pixels with a 1:1 aspect ratio
  • size must be under 1 MB
  • can be any one of the following formats:.JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, or .GIF
  • must not contain any form of Bigin or Zoho icons or logos
  • must not contain any form of text

Short Description

The short description should state the core purpose and value of your topping. This description should be concise and clear, preferably a one-line sentence. It should encourage your customers to view and learn more about your topping. Also, your short description:

  • should be 125 characters or less
  • must use sentence capitalization
  • shouldn't contain a period at the end of the sentence

Overview and Key Features

The topping's overview helps customers to decide whether the listed topping meets their business needs. The overview description should contain clear and factual information about the topping. The first few lines of the description must convey the value proposition of the topping. It's recommended to begin your description by recognizing the pain points your topping solves, followed by benefits.

Next, outline the short sentences to summarize your topping's key features. Add a maximum of four key features. The key features should focus on what the feature does and why customers need it. In the end, you can conclude the overview by sharing important notes of your topping.

Additionally, embedding a demo video to the topping overview is an effective way to showcase your solution and improve customer interaction with your listing. You can include the demo video that explains the key details of your topping or how it works. Focus on communicating your topping's main value proposition in the first 10-15 seconds of the video.

Also, consider the following:

  • include tangible data in the description that provides a quantifiable value proposition to better market your topping
  • maximum of 4 key features are allowed
  • should embed only one video that explains important points of your topping


The thumbnail of your topping appears in the search results and marketplace home page when you browse through the list of available toppings. The thumbnail should be eye-catching and noticeable to your customers. You can display a short and essential text on your thumbnail that focuses on explaining your topping's main value proposition. Also, your topping's thumbnail:

  • must be a maximum resolution of 740 x 340 pixels
  • size must be under 1 MB
  • can be any one of the following formats:.JPG, .JPEG, or .PNG


The topping screenshots are an important asset for your topping's listing page that helps to attract potential customers. Make sure the screenshots of your topping are clear and high quality. The screenshots should highlight the key features and convey the capabilities of your toppings. You can upload up to four screenshot images to display in the Screenshots section of the topping listing page. Also, the screenshots of your topping:

  • should not contain real customer data
  • should not be captured from a test account
  • should focus on core features and functionality
  • can use text to explain the key details and in-app actions
  • can use banner advertisement on the first screenshot to attract customers


The pricing section allows you to communicate whether your topping is free or needs a paid subscription. If you want to charge your customers for using your topping, you must configure your pricing details. Also, you should manage your payments securely and be transparent about your pricing details. Based on the pricing model you have selected, the following buttons are displayed on the listing page of your topping.

  • Install - your topping is free to use and no subscription is required.
  • Buy Now - customers must pay and subscribe to install and use your topping.
  • Start free trial - customers should pay and subscribe to install and use your topping, before that they are allowed to use it for a specified number of days as a free trial.

Vendor details

The company name appears on the listing page along with your toppings, under the vendor section of the topping listing page, and in the vendor details section of Bigin marketplace.

  • Company Name - The company name appears publicly in the Bigin Marketplace along with the topping listing details. Provide the company name which handles building of the toppings. You can also add the type of business entity along with your company name such as Pvt Ltd, Inc, Co and so on.
  • Company Logo - The logo of your company also appears along with your company details next to the company name. Provide a high-quality logo with transparent background. The company logo must be a maximum resolution of 180 x 180 pixels with 1:1 aspect ratio.
  • About Company - This section appears on the vendor details page in the Bigin Marketplace, which helps customers to learn more about your company. Provide the details about what you do, the problems you solve, and the company's key highlights. Keep your company's about section simple and concise. Besides, you should also provide details such as the company's phone number, email, website, and address. It is necessary to enter the complete URL of your company website.
  • Contact Details - The contact details enable customers to reach out to you in case of any additional information or feature suggestions. You should provide the name and email address of the contact person. You can also provide your support email for addressing your customer queries.
  • Support Details - The support details enable customers to reach out to you in case of any issues with your published toppings. You should provide the phone number and email address of your customer support.

User Education URLs

The User Education URLs on the topping listing page help customers to know more details about your topping. You can add additional information such as documentation links, help guide links and more.

  • User Guide - You should provide the documentation link that describes information about how to set up and use your topping in the customer account.
  • Admin Guide - You should provide the documentation link that describes information about the setup and installation of your topping.
  • Help Document - You should provide the documentation link that contains solutions and troubleshooting tips for your topping.
  • Case Studies - You should provide the documentation link that contains the case studies about your topping. It helps your prospecting customers to know more about how to solve their needs using your topping.

Help Video URL

The help videos enable your customers to quickly learn about your topping. You should provide a link to the video explaining the overview and solutions of your topping. Also, you can create and provide a youtube playlist or video tutorial link (if any) that contains a series of videos explaining how to use your topping.