Sell Toppings on Bigin Marketplace

Bigin Marketplace lets you sell your toppings and allows you to earn commission based on your topping's subscriber count. You can provide the pricing details for your topping and then manage payments. Also, you can view detailed sales report from the time you start selling your toppings on Bigin Marketplace.

To sell a topping, first make sure the topping meets our branding and approval guidelines. Then, you can publicly list your topping and make it available for free or paid on Bigin Marketplace.

Pricing your Topping

Bigin Marketplace allows two types of pricing plans such as free and paid. The paid pricing plan is processed only in US dollars. You can provide pricing details for your topping as you want, but we recommend setting up the price competitively compared to other toppings.

By default, the pricing is set to free. To sell your topping, you can configure the paid pricing and select one of the following pricing models:

  • Recurring Price - Customers must renew their subscription every month.
  • One-time Price - Customers can purchase a topping once and use indefinitely.