About Workflow Rules

Workflow Rules are built using a set of actions to automate processes that frequently occur. These set of actions are executed on your Bigin account when an associated condition is triggered. For example, the workflow rules automate the process of sending email notifications, executing custom tasks, and updating fields of a record when a specific condition is triggered.

A workflow rule contains the following:

  1. Basic Information: You need to provide basic details about the workflow rule such as the name of the rule, specify a module on which the rule is triggered, and the description of the rule. These details are specified while creating a new rule.
  2. Rule Trigger: The Rule trigger allows you to select an option that specifies when to execute the workflow rule. The rule trigger contains two options:
    • On a record action: Executes the rule when you create, edit, or delete a record.
    • On a Date/Time: Executes the rule based on the selected date or time.
  3. Rule Criteria: The Rule criteria allows you to specify the conditions that filter the records from the selected module for which the workflow rule is applied.
  4. Instant Actions: Instant Actions allow you to associate the workflow rule with an action that is executed when the specified condition is met. The instant actions include email notifications, functions, webhooks, and field updates.
  5. Scheduled Actions: Scheduled Actions allow you to provide a schedule and then associate an action with the workflow rule that is executed when the specified schedule is met.

Manage Workflow Rules Section

From the Workflow Rules section, you can do the following:

  • View the list of workflow rules.
  • Create a new workflow.
  • Search for a workflow rule.
  • Change the status of a workflow rule.
  • Delete a workflow rule.

By default, the Workflow Rules section displays a list of workflow rules created so far.

To search for a workflow rule, you can use the search bar on the top-left corner of the Workflow Rules section.

To create a new workflow, on the Workflow Rules section, click the + Create Rule button. For more information, see Adding a Workflow Rule.

You can change the status of the workflow rule directly from the Workflow Rules section. From the list view of workflow rules, on a workflow rule, turn the slider to activate or deactivate as needed.

You can delete the workflow directly from the Workflow Rules section. From the list of workflow rules, hover over the workflow rule you want to remove, and then click the Delete icon.