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Bigin Digital
Creators Program

Get rewarded for the work you already do

You've worked tirelessly to build communities and we want to reward you for your effort and the knowledge you're propagating. We want to empower your work by joining hands to make it more beneficial for you.



is this program?


At Bigin, we want to work with the industry's best creators and thought leaders to educate audiences on choosing the right tools to build and grow their businesses—that's what the Creator Program is for. Say you're a YouTuber, content creator on Instagram, podcast host, or whatever you do to edify your audience on various business topics ranging from how to get started to how to choose the right employees. We want to empower your work by helping you along the way.

Monetize your content creation by integrating Bigin's brand.

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did we create it?

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We're huge fans of content creators. They've taken on the important work of educating audiences and use their skills to build communities.

Social media platforms have become as important as the traditional media, like TV, radio, and newspapers, that are not only free to use and open to anyone, but also scalable. Since distribution has been democratized, digital population is growing in number, brands need to be present where the consumers are. While the value of the creator-built audience is highly respected, distinguished people can create visibility around the business problems and existing solutions, thereby generating product awareness as well. We believe this is the next big thing—creating human-friendly content for humans.

Driving awareness through beloved content creators helps us bring our positive message to the right audience at the right time. So, it became an opportunity to tap into.


can you contribute?

There are three main ways you can contribute to
Bigin Digital Creators Program:


Create product

by demonstrating the product's value to small businesses, startups, creators, and freelancers. Use any social media platform of your choice—newsletters, podcasts, blogs, and more.


Write long-form

blogs, reviews, or demo videos (promotional or educational).


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your ideas

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How does

the program work?

It's as simple as filling out an online form, like the one here. Once we go through the submitted details, we'll get in touch with you to talk about any plans you might have. We'll also send you our Creator Kit, which contains resources, learning materials, videos and an exclusive 60-day free trial.

Don't just take our word. Try Bigin for yourself; if you like it, share it with your audience.

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Our Collaborations

We've worked with some of the best content creators and thought leaders who have built
communities on social platforms.

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Bigin is trusted by 7,500+ businesses

Bigin is an innovative SMB-focused approach to CRM that should satisfy the requirements of even the smallest businesses while providing a cohesive pipeline-based layout and workflow. Bigin's fresh and intuitive user interface is a delight to use, and its pricing along with its easy upgrade path to the rest of the Zoho ecosystem make it an exceptional value.

Brent Leary

CRM Industry Analyst and Small Business Advisor

While searching for the correct CRM solution, many small business owners must sacrifice functionality for cost savings as many CRM solutions will lock essential features behind additional subscription costs. Recently, Zoho unveiled a new CRM solution that brings essential CRM functionalities to small businesses at an extremely affordable cost.

Many SMBs rely heavily on spreadsheets to run their business. And, while spreadsheets are great for managing numbers, they aren't great at managing relationships with customers. Which is why using a service like Bigin—built specifically to help very small businesses find, catch and keep customers—can improve the likelihood of creating great customer relationships.

5 out of 5

4.6 out of 5

4.5 out of 5

4.5 out of 5

4.5 out of 5

Love the new features. It helps make the entire CRM system more personal and germane to our workflow. The searches seem to be more pointed and concise. Bigin has the capabilities and customization for my growing business and no bloat to clutter my process. Overall, Bigin was the perfect option for what I need.

Derek Osborne,

CEO, Osborne Real Estate and Business Brokerage

Bigin is certainly a refreshing new CRM tailor-made for startups and small businesses. For us it was pretty intuitive, and we were off to using it in full swing within 5 minutes of signing up. I also loved the fact that Bigin also has customizations, workflows and integrations for users to grow into the platform slowly and tap into its power.

Shyam Sundar

Founder, GoFloaters

New to Bigin but loving it already. Miles ahead of the competition and these new upgrades just put Bigin further ahead. Business is all about speed and ease and Bigin has cracked both in my opinion!

Tom Holland,

CEO, Inspire Modular homes limited

Bigin and its affordable pricing has allowed our small business to make more money by giving us access to the tools we need without breaking our bank upfront. Bigin continues to be a crucial part in achieving our financial goals.

Jesse Bublies

Sales Manager, TalentReel Productions


  • 1. What is this program?

    Bigin Digital Creators Program empowers content creators by paying them for the work they already do by working with us directly.

  • 2. Who qualifies?

    If you create digital content for social platforms, host a podcast, or run a newsletter or masterclass, then you qualify for the program.

  • 3. How does payment work?

    Quality of the content matters more than money. We have worked with influencers with follower count ranging from a few thousand up to a few million followers. We're flexible with the payout structure, upfront, and part payments is what we've done for the most part. Tell us about your pricing plan and budget for your project. If the details line up, we can make a deal.

  • 4. How does this program compare to Zoho Affiliate?

    With Bigin Digital Creators Program, you get paid for creating content—no strings attached. In the Zoho Affiliate program, you get paid for driving sales by simply recommending Zoho, with no annual limit on the commission you earn and no minimum sales requirement. However, Bigin's Creator Program is for digital creators who create content on social platforms, host a podcast, or run a newsletter or a masterclass.

  • 5. Where can I create and publish content?

    Create content on any social media channel, wherever you're active.

  • 6. Will I get any assistance from the Bigin team?

    Yes, we'll share the Creator Kit, which contains resources, learning materials, demo videos, and a free Bigin license.

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