Keep a record of all your
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Get a timeline of every action performed in your Bigin account documented for future reference and compliance. Back up your CRM data regularly with Bigin and easily restore deleted records from the recycle bin.

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  • Log a timeline of your actions in Bigin
  • Back up CRM data to the cloud
  • Restore deleted records from the Recycle Bin

Log all the actions performed in a timeline

Get a timeline of all the actions performed in your Bigin account listed chronologically in a single window. You can easily export your audit log as a spreadsheet to share with others directly from Bigin.

All actions performed are logged in Bigin

Back up your precious data

Backup your CRM data from Bigin instantly. When data is backed up, users will also be notified via a notification and email. From initiating the backup to receiving the downloadable zip file, the entire process can be tracked in your audit log.

Backup data in Bigin

Restore deleted records from the Recycle Bin

All your deleted records end up in the recycle bin so that if you need them again, you can easily restore them. When restored, all deleted records will be moved back to the modules they were part of before.

You can also choose to delete records permanently from the recycle bin.

Items being restored from Recycle Bin in Bigin.

Trusted by 20,000+ small businesses globally

It is the absolute perfect solution for the salesperson in the field who just wants to quickly and effortlessly manage their pipeline on the go without getting bogged down into data entry or lost into a sea of various screens, setups, and options that ultimately take them away from being productive.

I found Bigin suitable and extremely easy to learn and utilise. I was worried if my assistants would learn it quickly, but to my surprise they became avid users in just two weeks time. Mobile apps and its connectivity with server is superb and quick. Overall, I am happy with the product.

It's absolutely awesome to use Bigin. We are now able to manage our business and customer conversations in a smarter way, for which we were looking for a CRM system previously. Real-time history of a conversation with multiple searching options makes it comfortable, even for entry-level incumbents. At a glance, the dashboard view is an excellent one for any decision-maker. Thanks for a great product and the support we have had from the Bigin team.

Seth CampbellChairman, FiveDoors Inc.
Anant TikoneManaging Director, Antech Microsystems
Mohammad Rashedul IslamCFO, Mim Technologies Ltd
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