Manage customer relations from anywhere. Bigin is fully mobile.

Get immediate access to important information, such as customer interactions and contact history. Keep in touch with prospects even while you're on the move and update customer information in real time. The Bigin app comes with all the features you need to truly sell on-the-go.

Here's how we can help you

  • Manage customers even when you're not at work
  • Make calls and schedule events from the Bigin app
  • Keep your data safe with app lock
  • Navigate and work on your pipelines from your smartphone
  • Get notifications on all updates in Bigin on your mobile device
  • Use Bigin in multiple languages

Segment-first, unified pipeline view across all platforms

The mobile app has the same pipeline view to ensure it feels no different from your computer. Just like in the pipeline view for desktop, you can perform loads of actions while on the move and never miss out on a deal!

Navigate pipelines with ease


View your pipelines from end-to-end on your mobile app and navigate through each stage by simply scrolling.

Move multiple deals to other stages in your pipeline


Drag and drop as many deals as you want from one stage to another. It's as easy as it sounds.

Move deals with stage summary


If you don't want to scroll, you don't have to!

Simply drag multiple deals to the stage summary, which shows all your stages, and pick one to drop your deals in. Forget endlessly scrolling through pipelines looking for the right stage!

Navigate pipelines with ease
Navigate pipelines with ease

Stage Summary

See everything about your deals in every stage right from the stage summary. Click on any stage in your stage summary and you'll be taken directly to that stage. Cut the time searching!

Get a stage summary listing all the stages and easily move deals in the Bigin app for iPad

Scribble for iPad

On the iPad, you can literally check done deals with a "✓", cross out items with an "✕" to delete them, and double tap on your Apple Pencil to undo changes. You can even take notes or search for records by writing over text fields with your Apple Pencil.

Make calls or schedule events

With the Bigin app, you can call your contacts, schedule events, host meetings, take notes, and invite participants directly from your smartphone!

Make calls from the Bigin app on your iPhone.

Get push notifications instantly

Set reminders for activities and get notifications on all customer and user activity, so you never miss out on the action.

Get push notifications on the Bigin app for mobile.

Put a lock on Bigin

The Bigin app also allows you to set a 4-digit PIN for your mobile app to protect sensitive CRM data. Put a lock on your data and keep it 100% safe.

Set up an app lock for Bigin on your iPhone and protect your data.

Choose from Bigin's extensive list of languages

The Bigin app for mobile comes with 25 global languages for Android devices and 28 languages for the iPhone. Work comfortably in your language of choice!

Select any language from the list for the Bigin app on your iPhone.

Recent enhancements
for Apple Devices

Every fall, we ensure that Bigin keeps pace with the latest innovations from Apple. This year is no exception. We've added exciting enhancements and features to our iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps that you won't want to overlook.

Check out the new features in full

The Bigin app is all the rage in the small business world! Here are some reviews from the App Store and Google's Play Store.

Great small business sales CRM

For $7 per user a month (it) is downright asinine considering it has telephone integration, MS office, G-Suite mail/calendar integration, custom fields and APIs. Oh and The mobile app is smooth and clean which is hard for a CRM to pull off. I've used MS Dynamics, SAP and Salesforce in the past and what you get for what you spend is downright insanity with Zoho and Bigin.

The BEST app for simple CRM!

This app is perfect for those of us who don't need a gazillion options on a CRM, but just the essential functionality suitable for the needs of a small business, and it still provides more. The value for money is outstanding considering the functionality and prove a point, also suitable for small business budgets. Highly recommended!


Clean and easy

So often sales driven CRMs are cluttered. Not this one! For me, as CEO, it allows me to see the world and progress on deals. For my team it allows them to capture data easily, stay on track and increase their close rate.

Ideal CRM app for small business. I have tried many different CRMs, but they have too many features I never require. Zoho Bigin gives me exactly what I need: to manage Contacts and Deals in a simple yet powerful user interface which I can tailor to my specific needs.

Excellent CRM app for small businesses

We are a small company of 5 people selling hot tubs looking for a CRM and Bigin had all the features we needed. Bigin helps us understand what customers want, where we make mistakes, and streamlines our ongoing deals.

Thanks to Bigin, our tiny sales team of two is now looking more confident than ever!

Mike Schneb, United States
Mrs.Nitro, Mexico
Kevin, Clear Leader Group, United States
Luison Lassala, Ireland
Espace Aqua Spa, France
/ 5

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