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Stay on top of your progress and performance easily with Bigin's different types of customizable dashboard with charts and KPIs. Bigin also lets you create your own dashboards just for yourself or to share with other users.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Select any of the pre-built dashboards to view or create your own dashboards
  • Measure and manage the most important metrics with KPIs
  • Share your dashboards with only the people you want
  • Visualize your data with different types of charts
  • Complete, in-depth analysis of your CRM data
  • Keep track of your deals and communication

Complete analysis of your CRM data

The easiest way to track performance is with charts, and Bigin offers a variety of components of every type you might need. With dashboards, you can monitor a range of sales stats like closed deals, open tasks, and generated revenue and internal categorizations like deal owners and stage population. Bigin comes with a set of pre-built dashboards that help you track a great deal of operations. You can also easily create new custom dashboards to monitor other processes you need.

 Overview index table in Bigin.

Visualize your data in Charts of any style

We understand users have preferences about how they want to view their data. With Bigin, you can create your charts and pick from a variety of options to visualize your data. We offer all the most popular chart styles like pie, bar, funnel, and even a heatmap chart that isn't often provided.

 Choose any chart style you want in the Bigin indicator panel.

Get your figures right with KPIs

KPIs are like speedometers in cars. They reflect your performance directly on your dashboard. Important information like revenue, sales figures, and growth percentages can be easily obtained right from your dashboard. KPIs stay on your dashboard right in front of you so you always know how you're doing. You can also measure your KPIs in a wide variety of styles like rankings, growth index, and scorecards, along with more basic metrics.

Choose any KPI style you want in the Bigin dashboard.

Add components as you like

Bigin lets you create and add charts and KPIs to your dashboard to your liking. You can resize these components, meaning your important charts can be increased in size and lower priority components can be shrunk to use the dashboard area more optimally.

Add or move arbitrary components in the Bigin index table.

Keep tabs on your communication with contacts

All your calls and events can be tracked from your dashboard. Bigin comes with three pre-built dashboards: Call Analytics, Email Analytics, and Calls by Users to keep you up-to-date on your call and email metrics.

See all calls made and their impact through this built-in Calls by User dashboard in Bigin.

Define and achieve your targets

Set goals for you and your team and monitor your progress in the form of a dial gauge, a traffic light, or a single or multiple bars. Choose the metric you want to measure—the number of calls your team has made, the revenue you've generated in the past month, or the number deals closed you've closed this quarter—and visualize the them in relation to your target. Quit tracking your progress via lengthy reports!

Measure different metrics using target meters

Get an in-depth look at the data that makes your dashboard

Get detailed information about the specific data points within each chart, KPI, and Target Meter. Let's say you have a chart that tracks all the deals in your sales pipeline. With Bigin's Dashboard Drilldown feature, you can now view the deals present in a particular stage with ease. Furthermore, you can also edit the information related to a deal without leaving your dashboard.

List of all the deals in the negotiation stage

Share dashboards with only the people you want

Dashboards are a direct measure of your progress. So unless you want all your users to view them, you can choose to keep your dashboard private, visible only to you. You can choose which dashboards to share with other or all users and which ones are for your eyes only.

Share dashboards in Bigin with other users or keep them to yourself.

Trusted by 20,000+ small businesses globally

I have been looking for a CRM that was easy-to-learn and use for my sales teams who were totally dependent on spreadsheets. With the Bigin, I am able to see the complete view of my sales. Unlike Excel, I can set up customized dashboards to see various types of data including: daily, weekly, and monthly sales, total open leads that need my attention, etc. I am delighted with the product and super happy with the awesome support team.

We decided to transform ourselves for the post COVID era and our data was scattered over multiple excel files among so many people. We decided to invest in a CRM that would be easy for our team to use. Bigin suited our requirements as it was easy to use, cost effective and provided us with simple dashboards. We are happy to start our journey with Bigin which is helping us consolidate and clean our database. I am sure once we are through with our initial activity of data capturing and cleaning, Bigin will give us a boost in our marketing and sales efforts.

It's absolutely awesome to use Bigin. We are now able to manage our business and customer conversations in a smarter way, for which we were looking for a CRM system previously. Real-time history of a conversation with multiple searching options makes it comfortable, even for entry-level incumbents. At a glance, the dashboard view is an excellent one for any decision-maker. Thanks for a great product and the support we have had from the Bigin team

Ravi SharmaFounder, Webomaze
Prafuul P KakaraddiCEO, Tristar Engineering & Chemical Co
Mohammad Rashedul IslamCFO, Mim Technologies Ltd.
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