Direct your team emails to your team pipelines

How many email aliases do you manage for your business? When there are multiple aliases for all your teams, organizing the emails received by each team into your CRM can be chaotic and exhausting!

Introducing our new topping Email-in - the emails received in your individual email aliases automatically get converted into records in the relevant team pipeline in your Bigin account.

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Here's how we can help you

  • No more wasting time and effort in transferring data from your inbox to Bigin.
  • Enjoy automatic conversion of your team emails into records in your team pipelines.
  • Create distinct email aliases for records in multiple pipelines.
  • Continue your email conversations from within your Bigin account.
  • Take timely actions towards customer requests and queries.

Get a head start with Email-in

With Bigin's Email-in topping, the emails received to your individual team email aliases are automatically converted to records in the relevant team pipeline, ready for attention. It gives you a head start toward achieving a quicker turnaround for your customers:

  • Emails from an existing contact are added as a new record associated with the contact.
  • Any email received from someone who isn't already a contact automatically triggers the creation of a new contact record, with which future details will be associated.
Display of emails inside your Bigin account

Wondering how this works with Team Pipelines?

All you need to do is create a distinct email alias for each of your team pipelines. Whenever an email is received by a particular email alias, it's converted into a record in the relevant pipeline. You can also have these records automatically assigned to a team member who will be responsible for all related activities thereafter.

Details needed to create email aliases

Keep the conversations going within your CRM

Once the email becomes a record in your team pipeline, you can view and reply to the email from the conversations tab inside your record. If there's an email thread, each message is added within the record in chronological order, thereby setting the context for further action.

Display of email threads inside your Bigin account

Tag your team members to the conversations

You can also add specific comments tagging your team members within the conversations tab.

Leave comments to team members by tagging them

Not just tried and tested, but truly loved and attested.

This feature lets me know how engaged my email list is. Love it this is a must-have tool as it lets my team and I know what messages to tweak and what we've done right!

Seamlessly allows potential leads to request info and create opportunities without CRM data entry on my part.

Jennifer JacksonCEO, Beauty Industry Elite
Matthew MonterrosoSVP, Commercial Asset Advisors
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Team emails simplified with Email-in!

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