Stay GDPR compliant and collect consensual information with Bigin

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of rules for how to collect and handle personal information of users based in the European Union.

Bigin helps keep your data safe and secure all the time. With Bigin, you can collect information consensually from your contacts and process data in a completely transparent manner. You can even assist your contacts with their requests on how to process their data.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Send personalized forms to receive consent from your users
  • Manually update consent details received through external sources
  • Keep your data processing transparent, respond to security requests raised by users

Send customized forms to receive consent for data collection

Bigin helps you keep your data collection and processing clean. You can customize the forms, choose what language the form is in, and ask your subjects how they prefer you to communicate with them.

You can also send a personalized message with your privacy statement right after it to keep things straightforward and transparent, something your customers will definitely appreciate.

Customize consent forms to send to users for data collection from Bigin.

Update consent details manually to process data

If you have received consent from your contacts through email or the postal service, you can upload the relevant documents by attaching them to the right contact in your Bigin account.

Manually update consent details in Bigin

Fulfill requests from your prospects and customers

For example, a contact emails you a request to export a copy of the data your business has collected on them. You can simply find their contact and click on Data Privacy to add the request. It's simple and straightforward.

Add a new request submitted by users on data processing in Bigin.

Trusted by 7,500 small businesses globally

Bigin has become an integral part of our business. It’s absolutely functional, easy to set up, and cost-efficient. It has helped me tighten weekly reviews and build an effective customer follow up strategy. It is ideal for young startups and businesses which require a funnel management system for sales and service.

I am pleased with Bigin. We've seen a tremendous increase in our productivity as we are now able to track every lead in our CRM. I thank Zoho for launching an affordable and easy-to-use CRM for the MSME segment. The support has been outstanding throughout and we've been getting some prompt responses for our questions.

I found Bigin suitable and extremely easy to learn and utilize. I was worried if my assistants would learn it quickly, but to my surprise they became avid users in just two weeks time. Mobile apps and its connectivity with server is superb and quick. Overall, I am happy with the product.

Harshavardhan AshokHead operations, Autoprint Agri Automation
Jitendra Singh RathoreCEO, Technohead
Anant TikoneManaging Director, Antech Microsystems
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Transparent data collection and processing with GDPR compliance.

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