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Email marketing is a cost-effective, reliable, and effective strategy for nurturing and converting more leads, improving customer retention, increasing brand awareness, and boosting the relationship you have with your customers and prospects. With Bigin, you can not only successfully pull off mass email campaigns, but also streamline different customer-facing business operations. Get Bigin and watch your business grow!

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Here's how we can help

  • Send mass emails from Bigin.
  • Curate audience lists for targeted campaigns.
  • Create custom personalized templates.
  • Track the success of your campaigns.
  • Integrate with marketing applications.

Implement targeted campaigns by categorizing your audience

An email marketing campaign is only as good as the contacts who receive it. For example, an email explaining the aftercare for a product is no good to a prospect who is still considering buying it. Similarly, what good is an invitation to an event being held in the US to a customer residing in Australia? In short, you need to know your recipient before communicating with them.

This is where Bigin comes to your rescue! The Contact, Company, and Pipeline modules act as an accessible repository for data related to your customers and prospects, ranging from contact details to the stage of the buyers' journey. Additionally, using tags you can distinctly mark which category a particular record belongs to.The advanced filters will also come in handy when you want to identify records satisfying a particular criteria.

Contacts module with advanced filter and tags

Templates with a touch of personalization

Save a lot of time and brain power by ideating, creating, and saving templates for important emails you send out frequently. Relying on a pre-made template doesn't mean you'll have to give up on the personal touch! Using merge fields, you can specify the data unique to each record that will be included in the email.

New template with merge field

Reach a wide audience
in three simple steps

Carrying out email campaigns with Bigin is as easy as it gets! All you need to do is click on the Mass email option in the Contacts module, create a new email or choose from an existing template, and then specify the criteria which will determine the contacts who will be receiving the emails and the time at which the emails should be sent. Just like that, your email campaign is ready to go!

Creating an email for a campaign

Automation for seamless
campaign executions

Email campaigns are extremely time sensitive; sending the right content in the wrong time frame can drastically reduce the payoff for your efforts. By leveraging automation, you can not only adhere to your schedule, but also tend to tasks that require your full attention. With Bigin's workflows, you can set triggers and define actions to be executed when specified conditions are met.For instance, you can set a workflow for sending a welcome email every time you acquire a new customer.

Setting up a workflow for sending emails

Email insights and analytics

The first step towards building a strong email campaign is to know what works and what doesn't. By enabling email insights, you'll get a signal every time a receiver opens or clicks an email. You can also filter contacts based on the status of the emails previously shared with them. Bigin's built-in mass email dashboard measures and displays the number of emails sent, opened, and clicked during each campaign.

Stats showing number of sent, opened, and clicked emails

Integrations to strengthen your
marketing efforts

Effortlessly integrate with popular marketing applications like Zoho Campaigns, Mailchimp, and Constant Contact. Sync your audience lists, share posts across social platforms, and carry out targeted email campaigns without leaving Bigin.

Add-ons for wider campaigns

As your business grows, so will your audience. Don't let restrictive caps on the number of emails you can send stop you from reaching your target audience. With Bigin's mass email add-ons you can reach a wider audience and enhance marketing efforts at an affordable rate.

Drop-down list with mass email add-on options

Here’s what our customers have to say

With Bigin, we can keep all emails attached to the contacts within CRM making the communications streamlined. I am delighted with the product and super happy with the awesome support team.

The email connectivity saves us time not having to go back and forth from our Google workspace to Bigin, instead we can manage all of our contacts emails from within Bigin. We made the right choice for our company when we chose Bigin!

I found Bigin suitable and extremely easy to learn and utilize. I was worried if my assistants would learn it quickly, but to my surprise they became avid users in just two weeks time. Mobile apps and its connectivity with server is superb and quick. Overall, I am happy with the product.

Ravi SharmaFounder, Webomaze
Stephen FranklandOwner/Operator, Island Sailing.
Anant TikoneManaging Director, Antech Microsystems.
/ 3

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