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Here's how Merge Template can help

  • Send customized quotes, estimates, contracts, legal agreements, and personalized invitations
  • Use Zoho Sign to collect electronic signatures
  • Streamline the signing process and ensure efficiency
  • Enhance the customer experience with personalized communication
  • Save time by automating the creation and delivery of customized documents
  • Maintain professionalism and consistency in your business communications

Send personalized documents and certificates easily and error free

Imagine you want to send a meeting agenda to a few clients. You'd first have to log in to your Bigin account, manually copy and paste the names of your clients, and then send it off. Now think about doing this for many clients. Sounds pretty tedious, right?

Don't worry about this tedious process anymore! Thanks to Bigin's integration with Zoho Writer's merge template, your CRM data will seamlessly transfer to your Zoho Writer document. Simply map the data from the Contacts, Companies, or Pipelines module and watch as it automatically populates in the Writer document.

External collaborations with Cliq

Reduce the risk of errors and use pre-designed templates

By pulling data directly from your CRM, you reduce the risk of errors and inconsistencies in your communications and ensure that your documents reflect the right information every time.

Enjoy a range of pre-designed templates tailored to your needs. Whether you need an NDA or an offer letter, you can effortlessly select the template that fits your requirements with a simple click.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to upload templates or even create your own personalized ones. Send these templates to your clients easily and streamline your document management process.

Choose from a variety of templates

Sending invoices made easy!

The Products module in Bigin enables businesses to manage the products they sell to customers and procure from vendors, catering to the specific needs of both sales and purchasing departments.

You can even send invoices to your customers with this feature. Simply map data from your product records, and each product's price, discount info, quantity, and estimates will be auto-populated in your Writer doc. This streamlined approach saves you time and ensures accurate and consistent invoicing.

Send invoices effortlessly.

Collect signatures with ease

With the seamless integration between Zoho Writer and Zoho Sign, collecting signatures has become easier than ever. Now you can send personalized documents to your customers and facilitate their online signing process with just a few simple clicks.

By utilizing this integration, you can streamline the signature collection workflow, eliminating the need for manual printing, signing, and scanning of documents. Instead, you can send customized documents directly from Zoho Writer and recipients can conveniently add their signatures electronically using Zoho Sign.

This approach saves time, reduces administrative burdens, and ensures a smoother and more secure signing experience for both you and your customers.

Use Zoho Sign to collect signatures hassle free.

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I have been looking for a CRM that was easy-to-learn and use for my sales teams who were totally dependent on spreadsheets. With the Bigin, I am able to see the complete view of my sales. Unlike Excel, I can set up customized dashboards to see various types of data including: daily, weekly, and monthly sales, total open leads that need my attention, etc. I am delighted with the product and super happy with the awesome support team.

We decided to transform ourselves for the post COVID era and our data was scattered over multiple excel files among so many people. We decided to invest in a CRM that would be easy for our team to use. Bigin suited our requirements as it was easy to use, cost effective and provided us with simple dashboards. We are happy to start our journey with Bigin which is helping us consolidate and clean our database. I am sure once we are through with our initial activity of data capturing and cleaning, Bigin will give us a boost in our marketing and sales efforts.

It's absolutely awesome to use Bigin. We are now able to manage our business and customer conversations in a smarter way, for which we were looking for a CRM system previously. Real-time history of a conversation with multiple searching options makes it comfortable, even for entry-level incumbents. At a glance, the dashboard view is an excellent one for any decision-maker. Thanks for a great product and the support we have had from the Bigin team

Ravi SharmaFounder, Webomaze
Prafuul P KakaraddiCEO, Tristar Engineering & Chemical Co
Mohammad Rashedul IslamCFO, Mim Technologies Ltd.
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