Multiple pipelines for all your operations.

If you sell multiple products or need to keep your sales, services, and other business cycles organized, having all your data in one single pipeline is a recipe for disaster. Enter the easiest pipeline CRM!

Bigin supports multiple pipelines to give each of your different operations its own separate pipeline to help avoid the clutter. More pipelines mean better focus!


Here's how we can help you

  • Give each of your business operations its own pipeline
  • Switch between pipelines and take action quickly on promising deals
  • Customize your pipeline stages based on your business process
  • Stay on top of your pipelines with the Bigin app
  • Stay on top of your pipelines with the Bigin app

Give each of your business operations its own pipeline

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to selling multiple products and using just one pipeline makes things messier. Different products have different target audiences, meaning they will also go through different stages. And if you don't have multiple products, your sales and the services you offer still follow different processes which won't fit neatly into the same pipeline.

But with Bigin, you can create multiple pipelines with your own custom stages to keep all your operations clear and focused.

Multiple pipelines inside Bigin by Zoho CRM

Easily switch between pipelines

If you're dealing with hundreds of deals, context is everything.

Now that you have separate pipelines for every operation, all your data is neatly organized, and your pipelines, stages, and deals are much clearer. Effortlessly switch between pipelines in Bigin and get insights at a glance with no clutter to get in your way.

Switching between pipelines in Bigin.

Customize pipelines and their stages

All your pipelines can be customized to your preferences. You can create new pipelines or rename existing ones. Stages inside pipelines are fully customizable all the way down to editing the deals they contain. You can add new stages right from a pipeline, resize them, move them back and forth, edit deals, and even make changes to the fields in the deals. All directly from the pipeline.

Editin the fields inside a stage on the pipeline in Bigin.

Stay on top of your pipeline even on the move

Bigin's pipelines are designed to look the same, no matter what device you are on. The Bigin apps for Android, iOS, and iPadOS provide the same full view and access as the desktop version, even on smaller screens, so that you never miss an opportunity to close deals faster.

Mobile devices also get their own cool features like the Scribble for iPad which takes the user experience to a whole new level.

Easily drag-and-drop deals to other stages

The very first thing you'll notice about our pipeline is how intuitive it is. When a deal has completed one stage, simply drag it across and drop it onto another stage, where it has progressed to. It's really that easy.

Drag and drop deals between stages in Bigin.

Trusted by 7,500 small businesses globally

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Bigin is the absolute perfect solution for the salesperson in the field who just wants to quickly and effortlessly manage their pipeline on the go without getting bogged down into data entry or lost into a sea of various screens

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Yet another great product by Zoho. If you are looking for a simple, straightforward CRM to maintain your sales pipeline, Bigin would be your best option to start with. Extremely easy to understand and easy to get started, without any friction, for the entire team. This tool is backed by an amazing support team at Zoho, and that makes it easier to experiment with new products.

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I am a huge fan of Bigin. I have literally spent years trying to find a solution like this so that I could track all of my clients. I have two different business entities with differing needs for each and I tried different apps to no avail. Plus, the costs were too high for me. I recommend Bigin to everyone I know. I have been a customer since October of 2020 and I could not be happier with this application.

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Seth CampbellChairman, FiveDoors Inc.
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Surabhi ShekharSolution Designer, Uncanny Vision
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Susan CarpenterFounder, Life's Doors Meditation
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Channel your strengths correctly. Use multiple pipelines.


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