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The pipeline view in Bigin is flexible so you can adjust all your pipelines and their stages to always have the information you need right in front of you. The best pipeline view in a CRM ever!


Here's how we can help you

  • View all your active deals in their respective stages in your pipeline
  • Move stages along the pipeline easily
  • Add new stages right from your pipeline
  • Get a clear stage summary of your deals
  • Collapse stages for better clarity
  • Resize stages to your preference
  • Switch between multiple pipelines effortlessly
  • Setup stage transition rules for a thorough pipeline progression
  • Restrict closure to stages to avoid accidental deal closings.

View your deals in stages

The pipeline view's main purpose is to split your deals into stages in your pipeline. Your leads pass through a range of stages in your pipeline from acquiring a new lead to successfully converting leads into customers. You can create your own stages to suit your business better or edit existing stages. As a deal progresses towards conversion, you can move it to the next stage.

You can always change to the list view if you don't need to view your deals and stages in a pipeline.

Stages in Bigin by Zoho CRM

Move stages along the pipeline

We understand you might want to rearrange stages in your pipeline depending on how you operate as a business. Which is why you can easily drag -and drop stages from one place to another in your pipeline. You can also rearrange them from the Pipelines tab in Settings.

Moving a stage in Bigin by Zoho CRM

Add new stages instantly

If you need a new stage, just click Add New Stage from any existing stage and instantly create a new stage right next to it. You can then start adding fields in this newly created stage directly.

Adding a new in Bigin by Zoho CRM

Get a clear stage summary of your deals

The stage summary gives you an overview of the progress of all your deals through the stages of your pipeline. It also solves another problem. If your pipelines are long, you don't want to scroll to a specific stage every time. So quit scrolling and simply click on any stage from the stage summary and you'll be taken directly to that stage.

Collapse stages for more focus

If you have a lot going on in your pipeline, you may want to hide some of the less important stages for better clarity. You can now collapse stages that aren't a priority and save that space for stages that need your attention. You can expand them back to their original size whenever you want.

Stages collapsed inside Bigin's pipeline.

Resize stages to your preference

Drag and resize stages to your preference. Increasing the stage size helps you view every deal inside a stage in full detail, while reducing the stage size gives you room for more visible stages in your pipeline.

Stages resized inside Bigin's pipeline.

Stage Transition Rules leave no loose ends

With Stage Transition Rules, admins can set up a checkpoint for other users before they move a deal to another stage. It is a small form that you can set up to ask for more details about the transition, every time someone tries to move a deal to a particular stage.

Stage Transition Rules ensure that users fill in important information like changes in closing date, payment received, or even write a brief description on the deal's status, to make sure the deal qualifies to be moved to a particular stage on the pipeline. This ensures a thorough pipeline transition that leaves no loose ends.

stage transition rules

Foolproof pipelines with Restrict Closure

Restrict closure is a clever trick that is up Stage Transition Rules' sleeve. If admins apply "restrict closure" Bigin won't let other users close deals directly from that stage. This means that users will be able to drag and drop deals between other stages, but won't be able to close it. You can choose to apply "restrict closure" to all stages or just to a specific stage. It's like baby-proofing your pipeline!

Restrict closure

Trusted by 7,500 small businesses globally

The deal pipeline is very well-thought-out, easy and intuitive to use, and allows to maintain a sales system where any crew member can pick up and close regardless of who has made the first contact.

Bigin has become an integral part of our business. It’s absolutely functional, easy to set up, and cost-efficient. It has helped me tighten weekly reviews and build an effective customer follow up strategy. It is ideal for young startups and businesses which require a funnel management system for sales and service.

We were looking for a simple CRM to manage our contacts and deals and Bigin came to our rescue. Our team loves Bigin for its simplicity and it was exactly what we were looking for. Right from creating a contact to managing workflows and deals, Bigin is so user friendly that our team’s productivity has improved a lot. Just Bigin!

Stephen FranklandOwner/Operator, Island Sailing
Harshavardhan AshokHead operations, Autoprint Agri Automation
Balaji BadrinathManaging Partner & Realtor, Coldwell Banker Value Add Realty.
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