Know your products, down to the smallest detail.

The most important part of your business is the product you sell and how well you sell it. The Products module in Bigin helps you manage the complete life cycle of the product or service that you provide to your customers. With Bigin, you can associate each contact with a product or service and immediately make a connection and start monitoring the customer's journey.


Here's how we can help you

  • Create a list of products and automatically associate them with new deals
  • Ensure effective cooperation between your sales and procurement teams
  • Perform bulk actions by grouping customers by specific products
  • Apply discounts to make your products more appealing
  • Import all your products to Bigin from spreadsheets
  • Choose or create any view in Bigin for faster results
  • Keep tabs on all the products you sell easily

Create, customize, and monitor your products

You can manage all your products and services with Bigin. Simply create a new product, and associate it with customers and ongoing deals.

You can customize and make changes to your products like changing their names and prices or adding discounts, at any time!

Create products in Bigin and associate it with customers and ongoing deals.

Import products from spreadsheets

Do you have an exhaustive list of all your products in a spreadsheet somewhere? Don't worry. You can import your spreadsheets into the Products module in Bigin. All major extensions like XLS, XLSX, CSV, and VCF are supported.

Import products from spreadsheets, CSV or VCF files into Bigin.

Look up your products categorically

Forget endlessly scrolling through your list of products. Bigin comes with different views to help you find and look up products faster based on specific criteria. For example, if you're only looking for products that are currently active, you can choose the Active Products view.

You can also create your own custom views just for yourself or to share with other users.

Find products by a specific criteria with listed views or create custom views in Bigin.

Group customers by product and perform bulk actions

Do you sell the same product to a lots of customers? Find all your customers that purchased a specific product. This helps you save time by allowing you to perform bulk operations like sending out welcome emails, or changing the product owner in your organization.

Get critical insights to meet demand with supply.

Closely monitor your sales and get insights into how your products perform in the pipeline. Make critical decisions to meet demand with supply starting from manufacturing, based on the reception of your products.

Get insights on how well your products perform from the pipeline in Bigin.

Trusted by 7,500 small businesses globally

It was a pleasure working with Bigin. This product is a boon especially in this lockdown period where it is difficult to do regular work and track progress. We have been using Bigin for 3 months and enjoying it. Our team adopted it in no time, and because of its easy modules, adaptive features, cost-effectiveness, and great customer service, we will be using Bigin in the long term.

Yet another great product by Zoho. If you are looking for a simple, straightforward CRM to maintain your sales pipeline, Bigin would be your best option to start with. Extremely easy to understand and easy to get started, without any friction, for the entire team. This tool is backed by an amazing support team at Zoho, and that makes it easier to experiment with new products.

I found Bigin suitable and extremely easy to learn and utilize. I was worried if my assistants would learn it quickly, but to my surprise they became avid users in just two weeks time. Mobile apps and its connectivity with server is superb and quick. Overall, I am happy with the product.

SnehaHeadnext Education Services
Surabhi ShekharSolution Designer, Uncanny Vision
Anant TikoneManaging Director, Antech Microsystems
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