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Custom roles and profiles help you replicate your organization's structure in Bigin, and control who sees what information using profile-based access and permissions. With roles and profiles, you can share data with only the people who need it and ensure all your CRM data is safe and secure.


Here's how we can help you

  • Invite your team to become users
  • Assign roles and access to data for your users.
  • Keep access to data flexible among users with peer data visibility
  • Manage profiles to control user access to CRM data
  • Manage other users as an administrator

Invite your peers to become users in Bigin

Invite people to become users in your Bigin account via email. Once they are confirmed as a user, you can assign roles and profiles to them and maintain organized access to data in your CRM.

Invite other users in Bigin

Assign your users, role and access to data

The purpose of roles is to create hierarchies much like those already in your organization. You can replicate the roles in your organization in Bigin as a manager-subordinate hierarchy. Users can only view the data they have access to, and that belonging to people in roles that they supervise.

Create the roles you need and assign them to users in your organization. All roles and their privileges can be edited at any time.

Creating and managing roles in Bigin

Set data access with peer data visibility

Bigin lets you choose to allow all the users belonging to a particular role to view records owned by their peers or restrict access to just what they work with directly. You can turn Peer Data Visibility on or off with a click!

Allowing peer data visibility in Bigin.

Manage profiles to control access to CRM data

Profiles help you control user access in Bigin based on roles. For example, the role of a manager involves managerial tasks like creating workflows and importing data, while a sales rep whose job is to follow up on leads does not require the same overarching access to the data. By creating profiles with only the required access to data, you'll keep your CRM records more secure than ever.

Bigin also lets you create personalized profiles and provide as much access as you think is necessary. You can also edit the privileges and access at any time.

Create profiles and set permissions in Bigin.

Manage fellow users as an admin

Being an admin comes with extra perks. You can invite people to become users in your Bigin account and assign them roles. We also understand that businesses change so you can also edit accesses and activate or deactivate users in your Bigin account.

Administrator features in Bigin comes with access to everything in your account.

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 Antech Microsystems  company logo

I found Bigin suitable and extremely easy to learn and utilise. I was worried if my assistants will able to learn it quickly, but to my surprise they became avid users in just two weeks time. Mobile apps and its connectivity with server is superb and quick. Overall, I am happy with the product.

Mim Technologies Ltd company logo

It's absolutely awesome to use Bigin. We are now able to manage our business and customer conversations in a smarter way, for which we were looking for a CRM system previously. Real-time history of a conversation with multiple searching options makes it comfortable, even for entry-level incumbents. At a glance, the dashboard view is an excellent one for any decision-maker. Thanks for a great product and the support we have had from the Bigin team.

Kitchenrama company logo

With Bigin, we can know exactly where we stand, which stage of business we are in, and whether we could qualify our customers' needs. The implementation so far has been flawless and I am able to get a better picture of my business with the CRM system. I would recommend Bigin strongly to my peers.

Anant Tikone customer lmage
Anant TikoneManaging Director, Antech Microsystems
Mohammad Rashedul Islam  customer lmage
Mohammad Rashedul IslamCFO, Mim Technologies Ltd
Vikas Suri customer lmage
Vikas SuriFounder and CEO, Kitchenrama
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