Real-time notifications and alerts with Signals

Always know when a customer or prospect has something to say to you or about you. With more and more businesses positioning themselves on social media, it's increasingly common to see customers take their issues straight to Twitter. Simply add your contact's Twitter account to their other details and you'll be able to see everything they tweet.


Here's how we can help you

  • Stay updated with real-time notifications
  • Respond to customers immediately
  • Get incoming email and call alerts
  • Click on any signal to go directly to it
  • Get real-time updates on support tickets from Zoho Desk
  • Tap opportunities with deal alerts
  • See what's happening on Twitter without having to leave Bigin

Get notified of what's happening

Just like regular notifications on your smartphone, Bigin shows you all the updates from both from your contacts and fellow users in Bigin. Get notifications through Signals whenever a customer mentions you, replies to you, or sends you a direct message, or when you miss a call. Click on any notification to respond immediately.

Signals with notifications in Bigin.

Email and call alerts

Signals notify you of all the calls you have missed and the emails you have received. Signals will also let you know when your emails are delivered and opened by your recipients so you can anticipate the next move. Click on any call or email related notification to be taken directly to the relevant screen.

Click on a signal be taken right to the topic in Bigin. In this case, a delivered email.

Instant updates from Zoho Desk

What's easier than support desk integration? Not having to remember to follow-up on the status of every ticket! You can choose to be notified through Signals of all the operations executed through Zoho Desk. For example, every ticket raised in Zoho Desk, and every time a customer mentions you, will automatically appear in Signals so you can respond immediately.

View notifications from Zoho Desk in Signals.

See what they say on Twitter

Customers like their feedback to be heard loud and clear. And what better place to do it than Twitter? Add your contacts' Twitter profiles to Bigin and get notified of what they tweet through Signals. You don't even need to leave Bigin to like, reply and retweet!

View your contacts and companies' twitter activity from Bigin.

Trusted by 7,500 small businesses globally

With Bigin, we can know exactly where we stand, which stage of business we are in, and whether we could qualify our customers' needs. The implementation so far has been flawless and I am able to get a better picture of my business with the CRM system. I would recommend Bigin strongly to my peers.

Yet another great product by Zoho. If you are looking for a simple, straightforward CRM to maintain your sales pipeline, Bigin would be your best option to start with. Extremely easy to understand and easy to get started, without any friction, for the entire team. This tool is backed by an amazing support team at Zoho, and that makes it easier to experiment with new products.

Bigin has become an integral part of our business. It’s absolutely functional, easy to set up, and cost-efficient. It has helped me tighten weekly reviews and build an effective customer follow up strategy. It is ideal for young startups and businesses which require a funnel management system for sales and service.

Vikas SuriFounder and CEO, Kitchenrama
Surabhi ShekharSolution Designer, Uncanny Vision
Harshavardhan AshokHead operations, Autoprint Agri Automation
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