Thinking of multiple processes for your business? Think Team Pipelines!

Here's the feature that redefines CRM for businesses. Gone are the days when your CRM was only meant to manage sales operations. Team Pipelines unifies all your customer-facing operations - say marketing, sales, onboarding, delivery, and support - within a single Bigin account. Your CRM solution can serve as the sole source of truth for customer information.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Create a distinct set of pipelines for all your customer-facing teams.
  • Set up multiple sub-pipelines within each main pipeline to manage specific operations.
  • Establish your Bigin account as the single source of truth for all customer information.
  • Fully equip your customer-facing teams to manage customer relations.
  • Customize your pipelines to make them operation-specific.
  • Enjoy a comprehensive CRM that goes beyond just sales.

Team Pipelines and sub-pipelines

You can now create distinct pipelines for each of your business' customer-facing operations. Each pipeline displays different records based on the operations it represents: leads in the marketing pipeline, tickets in the support pipeline, testimonials in the customer feedback pipeline, and so on. Each of these pipelines can have further sub-pipelines with different stages. For example, your pipeline for customer feedback can have a sub-pipeline for testimonials from individual clients and another for testimonials from corporate clients.

Team Pipeline view in Bigin mobile
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Outbound Sales

  • Inbound Sales

  • User Adoption

  • License and Agreement

  • Technical Assistance

  • Email Request

  • Testimonials

  • Case Study

A single repository of all customer information

Since the pipelines in your Bigin account are predominantly used by the sales team, your other customer-facing teams have to rely on different tools to track and organize their operations. As a consequence, your customer information is scattered and fragmented, and your teams rarely have all the context they need while interacting with customers—which often results in miscommunications that can be fatal to long-lasting customer relationships. Team Pipelines accommodates all your business operations within a single Bigin account, making it the single source of truth for all customer information.

customer information

Fully equipped customer-facing teams

With all the customer information stored in your Bigin account, your customer-facing teams have ready access to all the details they need in order to handle customers. For instance, before trying to upsell to a customer, your marketing team can first check the status of any tickets the customer has submitted. If customers feel that they're interacting with well-informed team members, they achieve a sense of trust. Trusting customers are more likely to pay more for your products and services.

Make your pipelines operation-specific through customization

Team Pipelines and sub-pipelines can be customized at every stage—from how records and fields are named to the number of stages in each pipeline. Make each pipeline exclusive to the business operation it serves. You can also assign access to specific team members, thereby retaining control over your customers' data.

  • Step to create team pipelines and sub-pipelines
  • Step to create team pipelines and sub-pipelines
  • Step to create team pipelines and sub-pipelines

Experience a comprehensive CRM

Team Pipelines is an industry-first. While pipelines in other CRMs cater only to sales, Bigin is the first small business CRM that promises to be a comprehensive solution for all your customer-facing teams. After all, customer satisfaction is not something you earn instantly with just one sale; it's the result of consistent and coordinated efforts from all of your teams.

Trusted by 20,000+ small businesses globally

Brilliant feature! At present, Bigin not only has sales pipelines, but several pipelines catering to multiple industries. A single organization can now handle multiple teams with multiple goals—within one CRM system.

We have been using Bigin to manage our sales for more than a year now, and Bigin has introduced a lot of value-added features that have made our business processes so much easier. Ever since Bigin launched its new Team Pipelines feature , we've been able to excel in other business operations as well , like project management, marketing, and after-sales. This intuitive new feature has made it possible for our teams to have a 360-degree view and to use a single platform for all our business management and communication needs. Great work, Bigin!

The new Pipeline system is fantastic. It helps us assign tasks in the sales and support cycles, while keeping all team members and stakeholders informed and up-to-date. Go Team Zoho, once again!

The inclusion of the new class of non-sales pipelines is a great idea by Bigin. We can now also manage the development stages and support activities of the agency's services within Bigin. I'm very happy with this new update and I can't wait to get access to the next big updates. Bigin is my current and definitive CRM!

Apratim BanerjeeTechnology Head, Cleanomatics Solutions
Dawid RouxCEO, V4 Creative
Shuaib MerchantPartner, Alishan Trading LLC
Henrique FelixCEO, Agencia Planner
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Pipelines not just for your sales, but for your whole business.

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