No-code web forms for capturing curious website visitors

As a business owner, you know how tough it is to bring quality leads from your website. Good news, the heavy lifting stops here. With Bigin, you can easily capture website visitors' information, add them to your sales process, follow up, and convert them into paying customers. Easier said than done? You do this and much more with Bigin.


Here's how we can help you

  • Easily convert new website visitors into leads
  • Create new web forms in a matter of minutes
  • Automatically notify your team when there is a new lead
  • Enable Captcha for added security
  • Preview web forms before you publish them
  • Embed the form the way you want

No coding? No problem!

Ever had to take hours out of your busy day to try to put together a simple sign-up form for your website? Now, you don't have to. Meet Bigin's no-code web forms that let you build and deploy web forms in minutes, without any coding required. All you have to do is drag-and-drop fields to create your own forms.

Drag and drop fields to create a webform in Bigin

Notify your team when there's a new incoming lead

When you set up your web form and start getting leads, you might want to assign them to specific users in your organization for a faster turnaround. Bigin allows you to assign new leads to users in your organization automatically and notify them instantly through email for quicker action on the most promising leads.

Set up approvals for contacts from your web forms in Bigin

Easy to build, even easier to deploy on your website

The best part about Bigin's web forms is the ease with which you can deploy web forms on your website. Bigin provides three different ways to copy your web form code to your website: copying the source code snippets for easier customization, or embedding it as a JavaScript or iFrame code to match your website preferences.

Embed your Bigin web forms in multiple ways

Secure and privacy-aware by design

As Zoho is one of the world's top software vendors, Bigin is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other current security guidelines. We ensure that your web forms also stay secure and private with options such as adding Captcha for an increased layer of security, double opt-in web forms to receive user consent, approval for new leads, and inserting privacy policy links in your web forms. Stay fully safe and compliant with Bigin!

Bigin web forms are secure and privacy-aware

Not just built-in forms, push contact information from Zoho Sites and Zoho Forms

We understand some users might prefer setting up their web forms in tools such as Zoho Sites and Zoho Forms within the Zoho Suite. Bigin integrates with both these apps so that you can push your contact information from web forms directly into Bigin, without any extra effort. Contact details captured from these web forms are automatically synced to your Bigin account so that you can save time on manual entry while concentrating on converting those new leads to customers.

Push contact information from Zoho Sites and Zoho Forms into Bigin

Here’s what our customers have to say

Bigin is certainly a refreshing new CRM tailor-made for startups and small businesses. For us it was pretty intuitive, and we were off to using it in full swing within 5 minutes of signing up. I also loved the fact that Bigin also has customizations, workflows and integrations for users to grow into the platform slowly and tap in to its power.

Yet another great product by Zoho. If you are looking for a simple, straightforward CRM to maintain your sales pipeline, Bigin would be your best option to start with. Extremely easy to understand and easy to get started, without any friction, for the entire team. This tool is backed by an amazing support team at Zoho, and that makes it easier to experiment with new products.

Bigin is the absolute perfect solution for the salesperson in the field who just wants to quickly and effortlessly manage their pipeline on the go without getting bogged down into data entry or lost into a sea of various screens

Shyam SundarFounder, GoFloaters.
Surabhi ShekharSolution Designer, Uncanny Vision
Seth CampbellChairman, FiveDoors Inc.
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