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Tags5 tags/record,
10 tags/module
5 tags/record,
30 tags/module

Users and Control

Invite new users to your Bigin account, assign them roles, and set restrictions on the actions they can perform.

/user (Billed Yearly) and

/user (Billed Monthly)

/user (Billed Yearly) and

/user (Billed Monthly)
ProfilesAdd-on: / month for every 5 profiles2510
RolesAdd-on: / month for every 5 roles2510

Data Administration

Import Data250 records/batch10,000 records/batch10,000 records/batch
Import HistoryPast 60 daysPast 60 daysPast 60 days
Free Data Backup2/month2/month
One Time Data Backup



File Storage/Org1 GB1 GB1 GB
File Storage/User512 MB/user512 MB/user
File Storage




Audit log  
Find and Merge Duplicates   


Customize your account by adding unique custom fields. Change the way you view your data through customizable list views, and use smart filters to quickly identify the information you need without going through every record manually.
Unique Fields2/module2/module
Custom Fields10/module
(Events, Tasks: 5/module)
(Events, Tasks: 5/module)
Lookup Fields5/module
User Fields3/module
Custom List Views5/module25/module50/module
Max Records in List View50100100
Pipeline View(Kanban View)   
Customize Related Lists Tabs   
Multiple Pipelines310
Custom Dashboards1020


Workflow Rules3 rules/org,
1 condition/rule
10 rules/org,
1 condition/rule
30 rules/org,
1 condition/rule
Date/Time based triggers   
Instant Actions   
Scheduled Actions   
Workflow Tasks1 task/action3 tasks/action3 tasks/action
Email Notifications1 alert/action3 alerts/action3 alerts/action
Field Updates1/action3/action3/action
Send Email Notification for email fields in the module  
Send email notification
for record owners/creators/owner's manager
Web Forms Add-on: /month per additional web form135
Approve Records   
Notify Record Owner  

Advanced Features

Stage Transition Rules 
Multi Currency 
Advanced WorkflowsAdd-on: /month per additional workflow 
Create new organization  


Zoho Desk   
Zoho Books/Invoice  
Zoho Meeting  
Zoho Campaigns   
Zoho Forms   
Bigin add-on for Gmail   
Microsoft 365   
Google Contacts & Calendar   
Zoho Flow   
Zoho Analytics   
Zoho CRM   
Zoho Sites   
Zoom Meeting   
Constant Contact  
Microsoft Teams   


In-built Telephony   
PhoneBridge Marketplace   
Signals Get real-time notifications whenever contacts open your email, mention on Twitter and so on.   


Connect all major email services to your Bigin account, send mass emails, and get email open/click notifications.
Email Templates Add-on: /month per 5 additional templates52040
Attachments in Templates3 MB/template3 MB/template3 MB/template
Zoho Mail Add-on  
Mass Emails150 emails/day/org20/day/org in Trial300 emails/day/org20/day/org in Trial
Attachments in Mass Emails3 MB/email3 MB/email
Individual Email50/day/user300/user/day 50/user/day (150/day/org) in Trial300/user/day 50/user/day (150/day/org) in Trial
Attachments in Individual Email3 MB/email10 MB/email10 MB/email
Workflow Email ( Max limit per day.)50 emails/user licence,
150 emails/day,
(whichever is lower)
100 emails/user licence,
5000 emails/day,
(whichever is lower)
100 emails/user licence,
5000 emails/day,
(whichever is lower)
Email Insights  


Records Upto 1M additional records can be purchased

/month per 10,000 additional records;

/month per 10,000 additional records
Fields Upto 100 additional fields can be purchased

/month for every 5 additional fields

/month for every 5 additional fields
Roles Upto 100 additional roles can be purchased

/month for every 5 additional roles

/month for every 5 additional roles
Profiles Upto 100 additional profiles can be purchased

/month for every 5 additional profiles

/month for every 5 additional profiles
Web forms Upto 25 additional forms can be purchased

/month per additional web form

/month per additional web form
Workflows Upto 50 additional workflows can be purchased

/month per additional workflow

/month per additional workflow
Email Templates Upto 100 additional templates can be purchased

/month per 5 additional templates

/month per 5 additional templates
Email-in Alias

/month per additional alias

/month per additional alias

Developer Tools

APIs (Max allowed credits)
More details on limitsAPI limits vary based upon user license purchased.
5000 credits/day/org100,000 credits/day/org100,000 credits/day/org

Last updated on: June 27th, 2022