Bring your Google contacts and users to Bigin.

Add all your Google contacts to your Bigin account, as soon as you integrate. Your customers and prospects stored as contacts in your Google Account will be automatically added to Bigin for better monitoring, nurturing, and conversion.

You can also bring the other users from your Google Workspace account to Bigin!

Screenshot of a contact's details in Bigin–Bigin by Zoho CRM.

Sync your schedules with Google calendar.

Having your schedule, reminders, and events spread across two applications is a recipe for disaster. Sync your schedules in Bigin with Google Workspace calendar with this integration.

Screen depicting the integration of Google Events with Bigin to sync schedules on to Google Calendar–Bigin By Zoho CRM.

Connect Gmail to Bigin

Easily send emails to your leads and contacts directly from your Bigin account. Connecting Gmail to Bigin will allow you to send and receive emails without ever leaving the Bigin app.

Image displaying an email compose screen within Bigin–Bigin by Zoho CRM.

Easily add Bigin to Gmail

Bigin's Gmail add-on lets you add contact information from emails in your Gmail inbox to Bigin easily. Plus, you can view the complete contact information of your existing customers whenever you open their emails on Gmail. This Bigin add-on also works on mobile!

Learn MoreBigin add on appearing next Gmail–Bigin by Zoho CRM.

Why Bigin is the go-to CRM
for small businesses

Built specifically for
small businesses

Bigin is easy to use, has all the essential features for small businesses, and is priced at a pocket-friendly $7 per month per user.

Set up your CRM in under 30 minutes

Simple and intuitive, you can easily set up Bigin and start selling in
under 30 minutes.

Fully mobile

The Bigin apps for iOS and Android have been built for sales reps to close more deals, even when they're away
from their desks.