Instant two-way sync

All your Zoho CRM and Bigin records in the Contacts, Companies, Accounts, Deals, Products, and Activities modules can be synced. It's a two-way sync, meaning every change made in either Bigin or Zoho CRM will be reflected in
both applications.

Screenshot from Bigin displaying the modules that can be configured to be synced between Zoho CRM and Bigin–Bigin by Zoho CRM.

Straightforward information for all users

Routine tasks like monitoring deal stages or reaching out to prospects can be delegated to Bigin users while your core sales force continues to focus on advanced operations like quoting, invoicing, and campaigning with Zoho CRM. This allows you to provide a clear picture to users by limiting their access to only the information they need, and pocket the extra savings!

Screenshot of Zoho CRM displaying all the records synced between Bigin and Zoho CRM–Bigin by Zoho CRM.

Provide better customer experience with APIs

With our REST, Bulk, and Notification APIs, businesses can bring Bigin's data to Zoho CRM seamlessly and create better experience for customers with Zoho CRM's advanced functions. And you get the peace of mind of knowing that your business is backed by Zoho CRM, should your customers' requirements grow.

Bigin is built on the Zoho CRM platform which makes the integration completely seamless.


Rest APIs

Build poweful integrations using Bigin’s comprehensive set of REST APIs.


Bulk APIs

Push and retrive data from Bigin in bulk using a set of asynchronous APIs.


Notification APIs

Get notified about data changes in Bigin as and when it happens.

More assistance
from Zapier

Zapier helps make complex workflows simple in Bigin and Zoho CRM. Multi-step Zaps will come in handy when executing multiple tasks based on a response to one trigger. For example, when a new contact is added to Bigin, you could set up a Zap to automatically update the record in the related module in Zoho CRM.

Screenshot of a multi-step Zap being built with Zapier. With Zapier, you can set a trigger in Bigin that will set off an action to be performed in Zoho CRM–Bigin by Zoho CRM.

No more jumping between spreadsheets

Quite often, a complex CRM can seem intimidating to your reps, and they may stick with using spreadsheets to keep track of their daily calls and newly added contacts. Bigin is lightweight and easy to adopt, which your sales reps
will love.

As customer information is always synced between the two CRMs, long hours of copy-pasting data from spreadsheets to your CRM are finally at an end.

Screenshot showing data entered in Bigin that can be synced or edited with Zoho CRM easily–Bigin by Zoho CRM.

Why Bigin is the go-to CRM
for small businesses

Built specifically for
small businesses

Bigin is easy to use, has all the essential features for small businesses, and is priced at a pocket-friendly $7 per month per user.

Set up your CRM in under 30 minutes

Simple and intuitive, you can easily set up Bigin and start selling in
under 30 minutes.

Fully mobile

The Bigin apps for iOS and Android have been built for sales reps to close more deals, even when they're away
from their desks.

Clearer data, more savings, two apps, same users.

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