Create forms, map fields, go!

Build forms effortlessly. No coding required.

With Zoho Forms, you can simply drag-and-drop fields and map them to fields from your Bigin account. You can even choose the rules, styles, and themes you want!

Screenshot displaying the drag-and-drop fields feature to build forms faster–Bigin by Zoho CRM.

Add new records automatically in Bigin

Forget manually adding records to your Bigin account. With Zoho Forms for Bigin, all the data entered in Zoho Forms are instantly added to Bigin as records, while forms can also be pre-filled with the data from Bigin, saving the respondent's time!

Field mapping between Bigin and Zoho Form fields–Bigin by Zoho CRM.

Set triggers, actions and automate workflows in your Bigin account.

You can set a variety of actions and tasks to be performed automatically in your Bigin account when you receive a form submission. For instance, you can choose to add a new record, update existing records, and add attachments from a Zoho Form entry to your Bigin account.

This integration also lets you trigger condition-based workflows in Bigin based on the responses to a form.

Screenshot showing a list of actions that can be performed based on triggers set in workflows–Bigin by Zoho CRM.

Collaborate easily

Send records to your teammates for approval and processing, receive file attachments from your forms, and get PDF copies of all your form submissions in Bigin. You can also add tags to your webforms to easily filter and find the Bigin record you want.

Screenshot showing two fields to share your forms and send a message to invite collaborators–Bigin by Zoho CRM.

Why Bigin is the go-to CRM
for small businesses

Built specifically for
small businesses

Bigin is easy to use, has all the essential features for small businesses, and is priced at a pocket-friendly $7 per month per user.

Set up your CRM in under 30 minutes

Simple and intuitive, you can easily set up Bigin and start selling in
under 30 minutes.

Fully mobile

The Bigin apps for iOS and Android have been built for sales reps to close more deals, even when they're away
from their desks.

Butter smooth data flow between
Zoho Forms and Bigin.

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