Bigin in 2024: Part 3: What's Cooking?

  • Published : December 22, 2023
  • Last Updated : December 28, 2023
  • 3 Min Read
Bigin in 2024 : What's cooking?

Good to have you back! Hopefully all the new features and enhancements discussed in the previous blogs have made a positive impression on you and a huge impact on your business. Did you think that was it?

Of course not! We're always trying to one-up ourselves. We're working on countless new additions to Bigin that will undoubtedly benefit your business.

Sneak a peek at some of the exciting updates we're brewing 

Booking Pages: Streamline appointment scheduling 

Booking Pages eliminates the need to make multiple phone calls and send emails back and forth endlessly just to set a single meeting with a client.

Design a booking page that represents your business, include the times during which you'll be available, and design a participant form for collecting the information you need from your customers. Effortlessly maintain a comprehensive schedule, stay on top of your meetings, and minimize no-shows with Booking Pages!

Zoho Projects integration: Monitor the progress of your projects with precision

Monitor the status of your projects without having to leave Bigin! Map fields in Zoho Projects to fields in Bigin's Pipelines to ensure you have complete control over your projects as they move through different stages.

Link projects to your clients' records in Bigin, associate users who are working on the project with the record, and create activities related to the projects in Bigin. 

Template Messages in WhatsApp integration: Reach out to customers easily

With the introduction of message templates, you'll be able to initiate conversations with your customers and prospectsmore efficiently. Share personalized messages highlighting new offers, marketing new products, or even sharing details about orders they've placed. This enhancement will make your WhatsApp communications more all-encompassing.

Pipeline Permissions: Give appropriate permissions to the right people 

The fine-tuned Pipeline Permissions feature enables you to exercise more control over what your users can do in Bigin, thus increasing data security and accuracy. 

While creating a team pipeline, you can specify which users are granted which permission levels. Admins can manage the entire pipeline, members can access all records in a pipeline, participants can access their own or related records, and finally, requesters aren't part of the pipeline but can add records to it.

Requesters can be internal members of the organization—for example, an employee raising a leave request or lodging acomplaint—or they can be external to the organization, like a customer placing a new order or sharing their feedback.

Share pipeline records externally: Enhance transparency by sharing the status of clients'requirements

Your customer might have placed a new order, submitted a refund request, or requested support; whatever the case may be, you can create a record in the relevant pipeline to track it as it moves through various stages. Wouldn't it be great if your customer could keep track of their requirements, too? 

That's exactly what you can achieve with this sharing option. Select the information you need to share externally, generate a unique link, and share it with the contact associated with that record. You can also allow your customer to make edits to the record, such as adding notes or uploading files.

Stage Automation: Automate routine processes 

To further expand the scope of Bigin's automation capabilities, we'll be introducing Stage Automation, which you can use to set up actions that are automatically triggered when a record is moved to a particular stage. 

This feature automates repetitive and mundane tasks that you normally have to carry out manually when a record movesto another stage. These tasks can include sending emails, adding tags, creating new activities, and updating particular fields. All you have to do is set the criteria and define the action—and just like that, you'll be able to cut down on hours of work!

Bolstering Bigin's mobile apps: Filters, a calendar, and more! 

We're optimizing some of Bigin's most popular and useful features for its mobile apps. These include filters for locating contacts within seconds via specific criteria; a calendar view for convenient scheduling and viewing of all your activities,and signals for ensuring that you never miss an email, call, or social media message. 

Wait! That's not all! We are also working on helping you integrate Bigin with the leading e-commerce platform, Shopify, and the popular financial management software, QuickBooks.

Have we managed to kindle your curiosity? Are you excited to try out these features? We hope so, because we're looking forward to bringing them to you! Keep an eye out for these features/enhancements and the loads of others that we've kept under wraps. 

And with that, our blog series comes to an end. We started off by exploring the new features we've added to Bigin's arsenal recently, then moved on to enhancements to Bigin's existing features, and then finally took a look at some future updates which will take Bigin and your business to greater heights soon.

The running theme in all these blog is our commitment to making Bigin the best fit for your business. We'll continue to evolve with the times to provide you with all the means necessary to run and grow your business. So please check out the all the spectacular features Bigin has to offer!

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