A human's take on how ChatGPT can empower your small business

  • Last Updated : August 8, 2023
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The latest buzzword making the rounds in the business community is artificial intelligence, and ChatGPT is at the center of it all.

But what is ChatGPT? Let's find out by asking ChatGPT itself!

"A simple explanation of ChatGPT generated by ChatGPT"

Now that you know what ChatGPT is, read on to learn about five ways it can have a positive impact on a small business.

In the small business world, the stakes are high and so is the workload, but the number of people available to take on the tasks is criminally low. This is where AI tools like ChatGPT come into play. They can help take the load off your employees by assuming the dull and repetitive parts of the job. They can then concentrate on activities that require human effort and input, thus increasing their creative output and productivity. 

Let's explore how small businesses can utilize ChatGPT through the lens of a software startup, Zylker, which has built an accounting software tool. 

Stay on top of the social media game

Trends are ever-changing. In order to dominate the social media scene, you need to churn out engaging, relevant content that complements your business's vision and the tone of the social media channel you are sharing it on.

With ChatGPT, you can generate a wide variety of posts, from educational to celebratory, for different occasions and channels.

Are you finding it hard to believe? Just take a look at the interactive tweet ChatGPT came up with for Zylker's one year anniversary.

"A tweet generated by ChatGPT for celebrating Zylker's first anniversary"

Streamline content creation 

Helpful blogs, attractive landing pages, engaging videos, and compelling ads make up just a small fraction of the content that a small business needs to put out constantly in order to establish credibility and expand their reach.

Content creation is a labor-intensive task. It requires hours of research, reflection, and a meticulous relay of thoughts. While ChatGPT lacks the experiences and emotions necessary to be as creative and talented as your writer and editors, it can help them power through some of the mundane, frustrating, and yet integral parts of the process. 

Amy, the sole content writer at Zylker, can obtain ideas for blogs, articles, and videos from ChatGPT.

"List of topics related to accounting generated by ChatGPT"

Countless articles suggest using ChatGPT to obtain SEO-friendly keywords and trending titles, but you have to keep in mind that it has limited knowledge of the world and events after 2021, so its results may be outdated.

It can also cut down on hours of research by summarizing/simplifying lengthy texts and clarifying any doubts Amy might have about a topic.

ChatGPT is especially adept when it comes to content optimization. Amy can increase the readability, reduce the reading time, correct grammatical errors, and refine the structure of her content within seconds.

Generate professional emails

Every business, no matter how small or big, has one thing in common: we all dread writing emails! But their role in building a brand, increasing profits, and improving customer satisfaction cannot be overstated. 

What if I told you that you can generate an email within seconds? All you need to do is ask!

Let's see how Zylker leverages ChatGPT to create an email template thanking customers for buying their product.

An "Thank you" email generated by ChatGPT for Zylker.

Woo prospects and investors with pitch-perfect presentations and product demos

No one understands your product better than you, but effectively conveying the how, what, and why of your product, and convincing prospects and investors, is an entirely different matter.

From creating new product presentations and demos to simplifying existing ones, ChatGPT can do it all!

For instance, Sam—Zylker's CEO—is having a hard time figuring out the flow of his presentation for a meeting with a major investor, and ChatGPT has come to his rescue with a detailed outline of a presentation that consists of all the major talking points he needs to focus on!

Expand your reach using ChatGPT's translation capabilities

Today, the market for your products and services is no longer limited to a particular geographical location. People from all over the globe will connect with your business, and you need to be prepared to tackle such interactions.

Using ChatGPT, you can translate your content to reach a wider audience and communicate with customers in the language they're most comfortable with. Unlike traditional translation tools, you can actively interact with ChatGPT and give it feedback to get translations that suit your tone, style, and needs. 

Here's how Zylker obtained translations for their catchy tagline:

"Translations provided by ChatGPT"

Points to remember before you set out on your journey with ChatGPT

Now that you are familiar with how ChatGPT can help your small business, let's go through some important points you need to remember while working with it:

  • Always fact-check the data that it shares with you.

  • Keep in mind that the content that ChatGPT generates lacks any human touch; you need to proofread everything and ensure that the content resonates with your company and customers.

  • Most importantly, it is advisable not to share any kind of sensitive information with ChatGPT.                                                     

Are you a Bigin user? Here's how you can wield ChatGPT to your advantage! 

It's becoming increasingly evident that AI is the way forward. Organizations all over the world are slowly weaving it into the fabric of their business. In fact, if you are currently using a small business CRM like Bigin, you can easily adopt AI for further streamlining your day-to-day activities. 

For instance, you can use the ChatGenie for Chatpgt chrome extension to create and send emails, email templates and tweets. You can also look up details about prospective leads, change the tone of messages and summarize the notes you've taken down during a lengthy meeting or call! The good part? You can do this and more without leaving Bigin! 

Technology is ever-evolving. By adopting and efficiently implementing AI tools like ChatGPT along with business softwares like Bigin, you can stay ahead of the curve and accelerate your growth to reach new heights.

*This article is purely intended to be educational and informative to small business owners, and is not to be deemed as an endorsement/promotion for ChatGPT or ChatGenie for Chatgpt. 

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