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Meet the easiest CRM for your sales management

From finding qualified leads to following up with every customer, sales plays an integral role in the growth of any business. To carry out complex yet time-consuming and repetitive activities, a simple yet smart CRM like Bigin might just be the perfect solution you need.

Manage sales the smarter way with Bigin

Using a CRM to manage sales might sound new and intimidating, but have you thought about the different amazing ways it could boost your sales? Bigin's built-in features make sales and complicated tasks as easy as possible. Focus on selling more and let Bigin take care of the rest!

Different teams, distinct pipelines

There are many teams in your organization besides sales, and Bigin enables you to create a pipeline for each one. For example, you can create distinct pipelines for marketing, customer service, customer onboarding, customer support, customer testimonials, product distribution, and more—all in one Bigin account. You can even create sub-pipelines for each of your main pipelines. For example your sales pipeline can have sub-pipelines for outbound and inbound sales.

Team Pipelines

Never miss out on deals

To begin, this pipeline displays all of your potential customers and current clients arranged systematically according to their stage in the sales process. This enables you to monitor your active deals and determine their progress towards successful conversion in real-time.

Store customer contacts effortlessly

Maintaining an expanding list of customers is crucial, but it can be challenging. With Bigin, your customer list will likely expand rapidly, making it even more crucial to keep track of them. The contact module enables you to store all of your customer's contact details, allowing you to add new customers as they come in.

Manage your business relationships with various companies

You can track important information for each company you sell your product to by adding details to your Companies module, such as name, address, phone number, and email address.

List every product you sell

Keeping track of all the products you sell can become a hassle—but not with Bigin. Add all the products you sell so that they're automatically associated with all of your new deals. Get a clearer understanding of the products you sell by adding the manufacturer or reseller names, part numbers, sales start and end dates, support start and end dates, prices, and more.

Create tasks and schedule calls and events for every contact

In Bigin's Activity module, you can effortlessly create tasks, schedule calls, and events for every contact, ensuring you never miss out on important day-to-day activities according to your requirements.

Use dashboards to view and measure your business performance

Bigin features dashboards you can use to view your daily KPIs and business metrics. View charts to track your number of products sold, customers onboarded, and even your highest-performing sales reps of the month.

View your deals in various stages across pipelines

Get a comprehensive view of how your deals progress and also view every stage in which your customers engages with you. With pipelines, you can easily drag and drop deals into different stages, thus getting a complete overview of your sales cycles.

Here are the stages of a typical sales pipeline:

Pipeline View

Use multiple currencies to sell worldwide

Selling your products globally doesn't mean you still have to do the manual work of converting your local currency into another. Eliminate this complicated process with Bigin's multi-currency feature, which converts any monetary value into the currency of the target country based on the current exchange rate.

Multiple Currency

More features that will help you win more deals!

Eliminate the need for a physical call center

Your sales reps receive numerous calls on a daily basis, and tracking all of them can be a headache. The solution is Bigin's built-in telephony, which you can use to make calls, view call logs, add notes, and even schedule calls with your customers effortlessly!

Set up workflows and focus more on selling

Certain tasks are repetitive by nature and can drain your teams' productivity levels drastically. To avoid wasting time and effort on them, set up condition-based workflows that perform specific actions automatically.

Control who can see what

Using Bigin's custom roles and profiles, make sure your sales reps can access only the data you want them to see. Set up profile-based access and permissions and replicate your organization's hierarchical structure in Bigin.

Follow your customers on Twitter

Effortlessly integrate Bigin with Twitter and make customer relationships even more interactive. Follow your customers on Twitter and respond to your customer's tweets immediately within Bigin.

Categorize customers with tags

With tags you can categorize data and label them with different colors. For example, you can use different tags for international and domestic sales so you can identify each one with ease.

Sell on the go!

With Bigin's mobile app—compatible with iOS and Android—you can get all the information you need on your mobile phone. Simultaneously boost your sales and maintain a strong relationship with your customers while you're on the go!

Do more than just sending mails with gmail add on

Do more than just sending mails by integrating Bigin with Gmail. With Bigin's gmail add on you can use gmail within your CRM and enjoy features like mass emails, email insights and you can even get real-time notifications whenever you receive emails from your sales reps or customers.

Integrate Bigin with your favorite tool

To enhance your CRM experience, you can connect Bigin with a number of popular Zoho apps and third-party extensions using Zoho Flow and Zapier. If you're a developer, you can build powerful add-ons of your own using Bigin's Developer Center.

Capture leads effortlessly with webforms

Create webforms with zero coding and pump customer information directly into Bigin. All you have to do is create a form in Bigin and post it on your website, so that whenever potential customers check your website out, they can fill out the form, the details of which will be stored in Bigin instantly.

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Customers who love Bigin!


Since I started using Bigin, no lead has been lost. The student conversion rate has increased by 25 percent, to 30 percent.


Zabed Ali CEO, Eduvisors


With Bigin I put the process in place just once, saving me 5 minutes per lead. Earlier I had to write the contact and company, and look up the company website. Now, I'm really happy about the automation. It's a huge time saver.


Lennard Timm Data Coach


When you work with software that is structured with features that make it so easy to use—that's when you realize you've struck gold and you don't want to go anywhere else. The pricing is also just right and ideal for small businesses.


Madhav Kochunni Creative Head, Digital - Sitoso


Bigin and its affordable pricing has allowed our small business to make more money by giving us access to the tools we need without breaking our bank upfront. Bigin continues to be a crucial part in achieving our financial goals.


Jesse Bublies Sales Manager, TalentReel Productions


Great experience! Bigin is very easy to use, it is very intuitive, we manage huge amount of data related to our partners (customers, providers, deals, etc.) and we spent around 50% less time than before. Highly recommended!


Saska Stevkovska Sales and Customer Relationships, TE Mobility


Bigin is easy, its fun and provides the information we need to manage our pipeline, sales and clients.


Michelle Booysen Sales Lead, Petanque NXT


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